The Importance Of Screen Time

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Many risks come with screen time for ages 5-15. Elementary, middle school, and high school kids encounter the most problems. Three of the most common risks children face are sleep problems, obesity problems, or coming across an inappropriate website that can lead to bullying or be a victim of a pedophile. With the help of parents understanding the way screen time can negatively affect their children in the long run parents can provide useful tips and rules that can help their children.
The internet opens the door to many learning opportunities but also paves the door to sexting apps and social media apps where bullies are on the prowl. In the article "What 's, the right age for a child to get a smartphone?" by Brian X. Chen, he provides an
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When kids and teenagers spend too much time watching tv or surfing the internet before bedtime it can trigger hormonal and emotional responses. Watching a scary movie before bedtime usually gives me nightmares that wake me up in the middle of the night and makes it harder for me to go back to sleep which leads to waking up with no energy the following day. Another way screen time can alter sleep problems is the light emission that children consume right before going to bed which damages your sleep and wake cycle that later causes many problems with learning or obtaining any information. It only takes a few adjustments that parents need to do to prevent this issue and better their children 's life. Many of the useful solutions parents can do are not allowing them have any media device in their bedroom and preventing them from snacking during screen time which can lead to less bedtime. These easy adjustments help the children stay focused in school and come home with good grades and makes the parents life much …show more content…
Food intake while watching tv is the contributing factor that leads children have obesity problems at such a young age. Most of the food children crave while watching tv is junk food which many get carried away and eat more than their supposed to and do it very frequently. Another reason is screen time takes up too much time from children which prevents them from playing outside and doing any physical activity. One major mistake many parents do to their kids while their small is buy them electronic devices which takes away the idea of playing outdoors with friends and instead have their eyes stuck on a screen playing video games or watching youtube videos. According to the article “Screen time and childhood obesity epidemic” Loyola University Health System comments, “Unsupervised TV watching is terrible for kids. It has a hypnotic effect that causes us to move less and burn fewer calories. Eating in front of the TV is made worse by ads for food that makes people of all ages have the desire to eat more, even if not hungry." Food advertising is one problem that comes with screen time many advertisements can lead to unhealthy choices. Many parents can’t always be around their children depending on how their schedule is set up, but it is very crucial for parents to teach and enforce rules which prevent their from having any health issues. Making simple changes such as taking their tablet away

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