The Negative Effects Of Technology Addiction In Adolescents And The Internet

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Prabin Ghimire

English 5

Aaron Luckett

10th Sep 2016

The internet has totally changed the way people work, communicate, study and

gain access to entertainment. The use of internet has become essential to todays

world with the availability of all types of information at a click of a button. It has

become an escape from the stress of everyday life because people can enter into a

virtual world and make the problems of the real world disappear. It provides

entertainment and loads of other information but people must be conscious how

much time they spent online because too much of a good thing can be addictive.

Internet is used at school, at home, at work and most of the people can’t imagine

their life without internet.
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Excessive use of cell phones is the first sign of an internet addict. E-mails, text

messages and web cameras all these programs make the existence of the online

world more real. People can chat with their friends, share videos and be able to

work from their bed. Nobody is really out of reach and they hardly miss anyone. In

the article “ Technology Addiction In Adolescents,” Vivek Agarwal and Sujit Kumar

Kar reveals, “Companies making mobile phones, made them compatible for other

technologies like – games, videos, internet browsing and many other applications

which facilitate their wide circulation and making them more addicting objects.”

Which means mobile companies have made everything so easy and convenient that

it’s increasing the risk of abuse of technology. They are saying that cell phone is a

device that has truly transformed our lives in the last few years because they are

with us all the time. Our smartphones are our primary communication devices, they

are often our main means of contact with the internet, and they play important

functions for work and entertainment. They entertain us when we are

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