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  • Personal Narrative: What Made My Mom Move To America

    I was always interested what made my mom move to America, but the question still remained unanswered as she doesn't have time to explain. When I heard about my English project final, I knew the question that has still been unanswered would be perfect for my project. The reason she doesn't have time because she working most of the time. I felt like this project I could really get to know my mom personally, instead just knowing her as just taking care of the family. I was getting ready for school as my mom was outside in the car getting ready to take me. I got in the car and off to school. Couple minutes into the ride, I asked my mom the question. What made you move to America? At the time I didn't know anything about my mom personally like…

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  • Courageous Decision To Move To South Africa

    My story begins in the year 1998 when my parents made the courageous decision to move from South Africa to the United States. My mom was four months pregnant with me when my dad was offered a job with a company as a Supply Chain Consultant in Connecticut. It was a difficult decision choosing to move away from their support group, all their family and friends, and to America, where they knew no one. This decision changed my life in every way possible. The decision to move to the United States…

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  • My First Day In America

    school in America. A wave of terror overcame every nerve in my body and my face tensed up as I strutted across the front of my English class. At the time, I was at El Paso Community College and more nervous and anxious now than I was a few months ago when my family first made the move from Juarez, Mexico, to El Paso. I wasn’t completely new to the area or the American way of living since I was born in El Paso, but moved to Mexico shortly after birth. Yet, the past 17 years I’ve been in Mexico,…

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  • My First Free Summer Analysis

    Both My First Free Summer and My Furthest-Back Person deal with family, but they do so in different ways. They both have families that are foreigners who came to America, but they come from different countries. In My First Free Summer, Julia, is from the Dominican Republic, where as in My Furthest Back Person, Alex, is from Gambia. Alex and Julia’s family both move to the United States of America. Though, Julia moved to America by choice, whereas Alex’s family was captured and sold to America.…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of John Downe's Letter To His Wife

    uses multiple rhetorical appeals and other devices to convince her and his children to move to America. To begin, he speaks clearly of his life so far, logos is the rhetorical device that is most abundant here. He speaks how the quality of living is twice as luxurious and half the price, “And I can have a barrel of cider holding 32 gallons, for 4s., and they will lend me the barrel till I have emptied it.” This section uses logos, because he stated the facts and experiences he has had to make…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To The United States Of America

    The most memorable day in my life was when I found out I was moving to the United States of America. The country I was currently living in was the Congo. I was so excited and ready to finally be able to move to America. Just being able to experience the moment when I found out was amazing! I had been waiting for this opportunity for such a long time and it was finally going to happen. Being granted permission to live and move to the United States was like a gift from God. I never really…

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  • Moving Narrative Essay

    ever been move from your friends and family? It was in Vietnam, went home from school and learn that I had to move to America. That day I started packing it was the worst day of my life. I had have to move away from my friends, my best friends, and my family. Since I learn that I had to move, every single days I ask my mom “ when are we going to move?” and “why are we moving?” She never answer the why are we moving part, but said about 1 week or 2. Outside I act like I don’t care and always…

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  • 30 Days Outsourcing Analysis

    to others it can be life changing. Chris, in his film “30 Days Outsourcing”, travels, from America, to India to see how it would be to live the Indian lifestyle. He discovers that he enjoys his life in America rather than the life he had in India. On the other hand, in her essay “Two Ways to Belong in America”, Bharati moves to America, from India, and decides she does not want to go back home. In the film “30 Days Outsourcing”, Chris takes a 30 day trip to India to live the Indian life. He…

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  • Comparing The House On Mango Street And When I Had To Leave My Country

    The purpose of this story is to find some similarities on both chapter ‘The House On Mango Street and When I had to leave My Country.The only similarities I can find is moving places. First similarity would be moving town The house on mango street She didn’t always live on Mango Street and before that she lived on Loomis. The house on Mango Street He had to say goodbye to their town because her brother want to prison. He had to say goodbye to his place and go to America to get his brother out…

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  • Pros And Cons Of A Classless Society

    The Classless Society Misconception In the United States of America, there are many obstacles to move up the ladder of success. It would be brilliantly ideal for people residing in the United States of America to move up the ladder of success with little to no hindrances; would it not? Isn’t the “pursuit of happiness” one of the United States of America’s founding principles? Many will say that through hard work anyone can move up the hierarchy of success. “Consistent hard work leads to…

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