Transition to Adulthood Essay

  • Transition From Childhood To Adulthood

    American author Gail Carson Levine reflected, “When you become a teenager, you step onto a bridge. The opposite shore is adulthood. Childhood lies behind.” She describes the transformations a person experiences from childhood to adulthood by the means of parties, drinking, driving, marriage, and families. These are important rites of passage everywhere, so as a result they are communicated and celebrated differently depending on the culture. For example, in the United States sweet sixteen parties driving licenses, exercising new freedoms exhibits the transition from childhood to adulthood. In contrast, the Mexican transition to adulthood displays values of family, community, and maintaining tradition. One of the most anticipated events during a Mexican girl’s life is her Quinceañera celebration and mass because it traditionally signifies her identity as a young woman. Through generations the Quinceañera party, meaning fifteenth birthday, has shown the transition into womanhood. According to an American research center, in earlier times the “fifteenth birthday would have signaled that she was an active, adult member of the community, fully ready to take on her share of responsibilities, and indicated that she was of marriageable age and status. Today, the tradition remains a celebration of womanhood, family, and community" (Mújica). The festival “included the mother and other women instructing the girl in her duties and responsibilities, urging her to follow the correct path…

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  • The Importance Of Transition Into Adulthood

    Every June, a whole new group of new high school graduates crosses the threshold of adulthood. As the graduated students look back on their childhood years, they see it is time to move on and start completely over in a new environment. College is a time for exploration and discovery of things people never thought of before and many see the job of universities is to teach students how to become independent. Colleges are being denounced for denying students the ability to become mature by using…

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  • Youth Culture: Transition To Adulthood

    generations, and is often associated with the idea of being a period of time in your life that transitions you from child to adulthood. Or, as the functionalist Eisenstadt phrases it, it is the transitory stage in which children transition to adulthood. It is also important to note that the ideology surrounding youth culture is distinct from the idea of sub cultures, the functionalism view point emphasising this via the idea of a homogenous group. However, youth subcultures can be seen…

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  • Transition To Adulthood Essay

    they do not classify people as adults. “Research has highlighted how the degree of endorsement of such and other adulthood-related criteria (e.g., going through legal and biological transitions involving age boundaries and physical growth, respectively) during the transition to adulthood changes as emerging adults age and experience transition-linked phases, as being in a romantic relationship, leaving parents’ house, or getting a job” (Nelson, 2009). According to Human Development: A Life-Span…

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  • My Transition To Adulthood Essay

    The date “August 8” marked my transition to adulthood. This day shifted my entire life in a direction I never could have imagined. My entire high school plans were destroyed and my lifestyle needed to be completely readjusted. I woke on August 8, 2012 to the sound of my mother crying on the phone repeatedly asking, in her broken English, "is he going to be okay?" and not being given an answer. My father was in the hospital after feeling sick at Menards. When my mother and I took a taxi to see…

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  • Examples Of Transition From Adolescence Into Adulthood

    Rites of passage have been used by almost all cultures since the beginning to mark the transition an individual takes from youth to adulthood. In many ancient cultures it has involved ceremonies often religious in nature. In typical modern day American society, the movement from adolescence to adulthood also comes with certain rites of passage. In the late teen years many youths have the desire for more independence. Many will get an afterschool job; this gives them some financial freedom. Next…

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  • The Transition From Childhood To Adulthood In John Updike's A & P

    The transition from childhood to adulthood is not only a physical challenge, but psychological and socially exhausting. John Updike, who wrote “A & P” recognized this nevertheless used it characterize the main character. The protagonist Sammy was developed around the concept of the journey into adulthood. Sammy is a nineteen-year-old boy who works at the A&P grocery store in a small New England town. It is not until three young girls walk into the store in just their bathing suits that Sammy is…

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  • Theories Of Transition Into Marriage During Young And Middle Adulthood

    LAP Marriage and marriage resolution during young and middle adulthood Elaine Samuels The College of New Rochelle The College of New Resources Developmental Psychology Semester: Summer 1, 2015 Faculty: Judith Idowu ‘Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal”. Louis K. Anspacher. Marriage is design to bring two people together in a loving, secure and holistic…

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  • Social Development Stages And Social Theory Of Life Development

    Professor Speak-Lewis assigned our group was young adulthood. During young adulthood, one is transitioning from a teenager into an adult. In young adulthood there are developmental tasks and process that take place. This stage can be associated with Erikson 's Psychosocial theory of “ Intimacy vs. Isolation” and Levinson’s theory of Life Structure. As well as to our client Patrick, we are able to relate to young adulthood because he is in the young adulthood stage and is going through the…

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  • Isolation And Erikson's Theory Of Life Structure

    The developmental stage that was chosen was young adulthood. During young adulthood, one is transitioning from a teenager into an adult. In contrast to childhood or adolescence, an individual starts developing himself or herself as a young adult when he, or she, starts to take responsibilities for their own needs and expenses. In young adulthood, there are developmental tasks and processes that take place. This stage can be associated with Erikson 's psychosocial theory of “Intimacy vs.…

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