Prenatal Development Essay

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  • Prenatal Development Effects

    Prenatal development occurs when the single celled zygote develops into a full-term infant. This happens in a sequence of stages, which are primarily known as germinal, embryotic and the fetal stage. Each of the stages of prenatal development is very important to the development of a healthy happy baby. There are some agents that can potentially harm or disturb this crucial time for an infant, these agents are known as teratogens. Environmental factors such as mercury, air pollution and pesticides and personal choices such as consuming alcohol, caffeine and inhaling any tobacco products, can all impose risks. Pregnancy can be a very exciting and stressful time, especially for new mothers and any of these teratogens can be overlooked, new parents need to spend time researching the possible effects they can have on their new family member.…

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  • Prenatal Development Case Study

    Nature of the Problem Does what happens to the mother prior to birth impact the development of the child after birth? There is a correlation between the negative stresses on the mother and the child 's developmental problems. Reviewer Comment Prenatal development is crucial to a healthy birth for both the mother and the child. Three trimesters define major portions and milestones of prenatal development. The milestones of prenatal development begin with the germinal phase. Then followed…

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  • Prenatal Development

    The effects of environmental influences are wide-ranging depending on the prevailing environmental factors. A particular stage of development fails to take place normally, especially the critical period when cells multiply and enlarge to form organs. Prenatal development is critical in determining the health and structure of a newborn. For example, exposure to chemicals, radioactive material, and drugs among other hazardous conditions may lead to failure in development of some body parts,…

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  • The Importance Of Human Abortion

    (2015). Stages of Prenatal Development. About Education. Retrieved from Cort, Julia. (Producer). Nykvist, Sven. (Director). (Novermber 20, 2001). Life’s Greatest Miracle. NOVA. Retrieved from Do You Believe the Embryo/Fetus is not a Human Being?. (2011). Retrieved from…

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  • Prenatal Development Periods

    of pregnancy is when “A woman is consider pregnant only when a fertilized egg has implanted in the wall of a females uterus.” This paper will be covering the Development periods and the Trimester. implanted in the lining of the women uterus. When a female is pregnant she will go through an orderly sequence that takes her through stages as the soon to be baby begins to grow. The term prenatal development is broken down into three periods which are called the germinal, embryonic and the last is…

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  • Essay On Prenatal Development

    into a young adult but I recently got an opportunity to interview my mother about my prenatal development. Prenatal development is the beginning journey in our lifespan; it is a fragile and important period of time in an individual’s time. I got the chance to ask my mother questions about her pregnancy with me and how it affected her and me. I have a twin sister and she is four minutes older than me, we were born in the suburbs of Ethiopia and our family immigrated to the United States when…

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  • Prenatal Substance Abuse Research Paper

    Prenatal Substance Abuse: How it Affects a Child’s Brain in Utero Zubaida Abubaker Sheridan College Prenatal Substance Abuse: How it Affects a Child’s Brain in Utero A growing baby inside a mother’s womb gets the nourishment from his mother directly. So what if that mother is addicted to harmful substances? Do these substances have any effect on the development of the brain structure of a baby inside the uterus? Recreational drugs like alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, and marijuana are some…

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  • Prenatal Development Paper

    This past week we discussed prenatal development. Although prenatal development is not an area that directly relates to the work of a child life specialist, I am personally interested in this topic for various reasons. I find it incredibly interesting that the most important phases of prenatal development occur when most mothers are just discovering that they are pregnant. I am intrigued by this topic because it is truly amazing what human bodies can do and create through such a defined…

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  • Bronfenbrenner's Theories Of Child Development

    child development, as being the environmental backgrounds such as culture and community influences as the direct cause in a child’s physical and cognitive development. Therefore, these theorists over looked the prenatal, perinatal and neonatal environmental influences such as the molecules in a fetus bloodstream before birth, to the climate outside, as being one of the leading causes of a child’s development. Each of these psychologist’s theories also plays a role in children’s development as…

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  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that is caused by prenatal alcohol exposure, and it can vary in its degrees of severity. Different influences, such as a mother’s socioeconomic status and diet, can influence whether or not a child is born with FASD, and it is important to look at the causes of FASD so that an attempt can be made to prevent it from occurring. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder includes many different symptoms and consequences, which differ in levels of…

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