Environmental Factors Affecting Fetal Development

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What are environmental factors in respects of fetal development? How can these factors affect the development of a fetus? Environmental factors are influences such as nutrients, hormones, drugs usage and anxiety that can positively or negatively affect the fetus. The fetal period begins during week nine of pregnancy and endure until the birth of the child. During this period, if a mother consumes a significant amount of alcohol, maintain high levels of anxiety, and indulge in unhealthy eating habits the development of the fetus may be hindered or demolished. At this point, the role of environmental factors and possible ways the fetus may be affected by them have been expressed. Now, to analyze an infant case study through examining the environmental influences that may have altered the development of a male infant by the name of Sam. Sam was born six weeks premature to Roberto and Jane. He was delivered by caesarean and remained in the hospital for three days after his delivery. Sam’s Apgar score increased within five minutes after his birth, starting at …show more content…
Upon analyzing these three environmental influences one could argue that Sam’s short term diagnosis was him being born prematurely, as a result of Jane’s stress levels. On the other hand, Jane’s heavy drinking may have encouraged a long term diagnosis for FASD, that may be reveal later in Sam’s life that can alter development. As mentioned, the case study does not confirm however express the suspicion of FASD. This present a challenge in placing fact behind it being an actual long term verdict. Insight on the effects that such environmental influences can cause to the fetus and through the lifespan, provide mothers with the necessary knowledge that may further encourage birthing healthy infants into the

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