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  • Drones

    these advances is the drone. The rise of popularity in drones has become a popular, as well as a controversial topic. Photojournalist, Tomas Van Houtryve, discusses the dark side of drones and how they can be used for malice in “From the Eyes of A Drone”. The safeness of drones is a specific issue that continues to surface. Drones are being mistaken for toys when they are truly dangerous aircrafts. Drones are devices that should require formal training and registration because as their popularity increases- so does the amount of accidents that occur. There should be more regulations for the use of them because of…

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  • Drones In Sports

    Drones aren’t only used for recreational or military purposes. There are many ways drones can become essential for commercial use. There are eight popular industries that have already started using drones or having been considering using them. Hollywood filmmakers have already started using drones to film movies. Drones offer filming from different angles that they could never reach before. Energy companies have been considering drones because it’s easier and safer to inspect their facilities.…

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  • Drones Disrupptive Technology

    introduction of drone technology, businesses are quickly realizing the capabilities of this disruptive technology. Companies such as Amazon and North Shore Rescue, among others, are coming up with ways to implement this technology into their business models. Drones are creating a shift in the business world towards the use of airspace technology, as opposed to land vehicles. This new shift could change the very nature of many industries as jobs become obsolete, and other jobs become created.…

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  • Drone Use

    Drone Use There have been many controversy whether drones are a useful tool to aid local people in natural disasters or assist our military to perform tasks efficiently. Furthermore, drones are being used to further assist in helping locals reduce their work effort drastically. On the other hand people are viewing drones as a domestic application like spy on others or to help government agencies with tracking people. But whether you perceive them as a tool for spying or a tool to help our…

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  • Fascination With Drones

    America’s Fascination with Drones Within the recent decade, America’s fascination with drones has increased with popularity among hobbyists, the military, businesses, the public, and many other groups. There are many conflicting reports that show the military’s use of drones is harmful, while other reports state their use provides several benefits to combating military targets overseas. As more people become concerned about the safety of drones, and whether their potential uses could be…

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  • Military Drones

    Drones, An Issue Of Democracy? Military drones are an amazing piece of technology that allow the U.S. to battle combatants that it would otherwise be unable to target due to hostility of the combatants and the distance of the combat zone. The military’s advancement in drone technology has increased exponentially in the last decade, and continues to seek improvements. They’ve only recently researched into problems that can arise from implementing the technology into current U.S. military…

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  • Summary: Humanitarian Uses Of Drones

    increase in the usage of drones both in a social and civilian way. The concept of ‘drone’ was originally used to refer to preprogrammed aircrafts. However as years have gone by the word has evolved and its meaning has expounded to in cooperate more features ("Humanitarian Uses Of Drones And Satellite Imagery Analysis: The Promises And Perils" 2015). Presently the word refers to any robot that is either preprogrammed or controlled. Drones are classified into many different categories however,…

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  • Should Drones Be Banned

    Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that have a variety of purposes. Those purposes range from peaceful aerial photography and recreation to uses in war and terror. With such a range of uses, many fear for the worse and think that regulations aren’t enough and that drones should be banned from private use. But their uses in farming, law enforcement, and recreation have showed promise over the last few years. Even though some believe that they should be banned, in reality the good outways the bad…

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  • How To Fly Around Drones

    State and hold a lecture for the students. His job is certainly not any ordinary job. He is lucky enough to get to fly drones around different landscapes most days! But his job is certainly not just fun n ' games! It is expensive and requires a lot of knowledge, and hard work it is not simply just flying a drone. You are possibly asking yourself what in the world does this man do for a living? What kind of job allows you to fly around drones? The answer being three-dimensional modeling as…

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  • Drones Persuasive Speech

    Drones are the hottest topic in the tech world at the moment. People all over the world have fallen in love with this new technology and want to get their hands on it. From kids to adults to business owners, everyone wants to own a drone. While drones are not that difficult to buy, one has to keep in mind that these aerial vehicles do not come cheap. You will have to make a good deal of investment if you want to purchase a high quality drone. Therefore, it is important that you don't make a…

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