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  • French Cuisine: Louisiana Cuisine

    Louisiana Creole cuisine originated in Louisiana. This type of Creole cooking uses influences from the general cuisine of the Southern United States and from populations present in Louisiana before the sale of Louisiana to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Louisiana Creole blends primarily French and Spanish cookings styles as well as West African, Amerindian, Hatian, German, Italian and Irish influences. In this cuisine, and from French influence, there is a large emphasis on complex sauces and slow-cooking. Later, people who emigrated, often with political or social self-exile, to New Orleans from the French and Haitian Revolutions and added more elegance and gallic influences to the cuisine. Despite its reputation for Cajun cuisine, the predominant type of New Orleans cooking is Creole. In the eighteenth century, Creole meant “born in Louisiana.” Many people in New Orleans adopted the term "Creole" for themselves in order to distinguish themselves from the influx of Americans whom they disdained. Beginning in the mid to late 1800s, mixed-raced began to be associated as Creoles as well as the whites. While Creole French is no longer spoken in New Orleans, the Creole culture lives on in the city’s architecture, local accents, and especially the food. With rich sauces, local herbs, red ripe tomatoes, and locally…

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  • Julia Child: French Cuisine

    Julia Child was the first American to be in a cooking show about French cuisines. She also was the first person to have deaf captions on her T.V show, which was called The French Chef. Julia Child did many things that brought the average cook closer to fine French cuisine. Julia Carolyn Child (maiden name McWilliams) was born in Pasadena, California to John McWilliams and Julia Weston on August 15th, 1912. She was the oldest of 3 kids, born before John III and Dorothy Dean McWilliams. Julia…

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  • Somerset Night Research Paper

    hospitality that New Jersey is known for, and a cavalcade of terrific bars serving great beers, wines, and cocktails, it’s hard to go wrong during a night on the town in Somerset. Here is an abbreviated list of some of the best that this New Jersey has to offer. Restaurants Somerset’s restaurants range in cuisine from simple American faire to delights from the Far East and from Italian trattoria staples, to the cuisine of France. Regardless of which or the following Somerset restaurants you…

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  • Restaurant Review Essay

    chef develops the menus and delegates orders to lower cooks. The system is reffered to as the Brigade system. Escoffier developed the brigade system and modeled it after the French army. The head of the kitchen is the chef de cuisine. This member of the kitchen oversees al menu preparation, ingredient ordering, staff, and cooking. Below the chef de cuisine is the Sous-chef. They are the second-in-command, and they are responsible for receiving orders and managing the kitchen. The next level down…

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  • Fioi Gras Research Paper

    “Foie Gras” even the name sounds as though its left the french countryside for the weekend and taken a trip up the Chemin de Vézelay, it might even sojourn in Paris for a day or two until reaches the northern border, but sadly, the french delicacy is not as pleasant as its flowery title. Foie Gras, the pinnacle of french cuisine for over 3,000 years, has remained the status quo of luxury as well as many rendezvous, adorning the banquets of many socialites and even gracing the laminate table…

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  • Personal Narrative-Calorie-Free Macarons

    Calorie-free macarons. Vintage Chanel and Hermès handbags for ten euros in every store. A view of the Eiffel Tower from every street corner. And handsome French garçons buying me croissants, vying for my amour. To my simple seventh grade brain, a parent-free Parisian jaunt with my classmates sounded like a perfect oasis, with only a mere five years separating me from my dreams. I’m a planner, there’s no doubt about it. Months before the official itinerary was issued during the spring of my…

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  • Alice Waters Research Paper

    daughter and has no connection to the actual restaurant itself. After 28 years of Cafe Fanny’s service, it was sold to Cassandra Chen. Cafe Fanny is most famous for their Cafe Fanny organic granola chunks. Alice Waters partners with local farmers to get the best produce possible for her customers. Alice Waters went through a lot of hard work to get to where she is now. She attended the University of California in Berkeley, California, studying the French culture. As she got further along in…

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  • Julia Child: The French Chef

    they would start. Workers yelling out “places, places everyone.” Then the cameraman yells out 5..4..3..2.. “Hello…” Julia Child changed many people's lives with her cooking, from her books, to her tv shows. Even though she wasn’t French her title was “The French Chef.” Julia was born on August 15, 1912 in Pasadena, California. Most people only know Julia for her cooking but she did have a life before her cooking career started. Julia went to Smith College to get her degree for writing. Her…

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  • Doing Cajun Right Essay

    Larry’s French Market, “Doing Cajun Right” In Southeast Texas and Louisiana, Cajun food has an influence on almost every individual who tastes those blends of herbs, spices, and shellfish so associated with French culture. Although Groves, Texas might not seem like a town prideful of their Cajun cuisine, Larry’s French Market’s tastes like a meal straight out of the bayou. Larry’s French Market is well known by just about every local in a thirty mile radius. Larry’s reputation for easy…

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  • High Context Culture

    Culture is a kind of behavior between the interactions of people, groups or individual. It can be differentiating in religion, language, habits, arts and food. In this multi racial society, it is an advantages to get to understand cultural diversity. Interactive between people would help us to improve our communication in order to minimize the conflict between us and the other races. There are different elements of culture, for example: arts, gastronomy, celebrations, and performing arts etc.…

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