Essay On Prenatal Development

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I am twenty years old, and I have grown into a young adult but I recently got an opportunity to interview my mother about my prenatal development. Prenatal development is the beginning journey in our lifespan; it is a fragile and important period of time in an individual’s time. I got the chance to ask my mother questions about her pregnancy with me and how it affected her and me. I have a twin sister and she is four minutes older than me, we were born in the suburbs of Ethiopia and our family immigrated to the United States when we were 18 months, we finally came to the US when we were five years old. I and my sister were not a planned pregnancy our mom was eighteen when she conceived us, and we were not our mother’s first pregnancy she was pregnant before us but decided to terminate it. We were our mother’s first children, she found out she was pregnant because she missed her period for two months. My mother was a full time high-school student when she got pregnant, and went to the doctor’s where they confirmed she was two months. In her first trimester she was very tired and her eating habits …show more content…
I also learned the importance of having medical information about prenatal development because if my mother had the necessary medical intervention then it would have resulted in a healthier pregnancy for her and me. My pregnancy will be significantly different from my mother’s because I will be able to get the required vitamins and prenatal information for my child and my pregnancy. Also when I have children I will be married and financially, emotionally, and physically ready to have a child, and hopefully will have a peaceful pregnancy without stress. I will complete college and have a career as an elementary school teacher. But I will have the same expectations for my children that my mother has for me and my

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