Prenatal Pregnancy Essay

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Prenatal Care during Pregnancy to Reduce Birth Risks
Unintentional or unplanned pregnancies are a major health concern linked to increased risks of harmful behaviors, abortions, negative social and birth outcomes (Feldman, 2012). According to Moeller, Veseau, and Carr while the rates of pregnancy and childbirth among adolescents under the age of 20 in the United States have fallen since 1990 it is not expected to disappear entirely and remains a national problem (2007). Pregnancy in adolescence has been connected to a variety of unfavorable maternal and infant outcomes. Health risks for teens and their infants include low birth weight, risk of prematurity, developmental delays, and poor prenatal weight gain. The antenatal and postpartum social
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As pregnant teens tend to be isolated from the typical adolescent life as well as endure shame, teen-centered prenatal care provides a support system where they can feel a sense of community and safety (Feldman, 2012). This allows for teens to feel supported, encouraged, and empowered in turn creating a forum to discuss sensitive topics and opportunities to learn from one another (Strunk, 2008). Many pregnant teens are relieved to learn that other pregnant teens have the same problems as them and this helps to reassure participants that what they are feeling is common and/or normal (Moeller et al., 2007). Teen-centered prenatal environments should have all the wall posters and pamphlets with pictures of adolescents instead of adult women, be accessible, affordable, and have peer groups. The prenatal care should also include continuity of care with clinicians who are experienced adolescent providers, allowing for the formation of long term caring relationships between the two parties (Bensussen-Walls & Saewyc,

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