Stages Of Development From Conception To Birth Essay

1.1 Describe stages of development from conception to birth.
When an egg is fertilised it is a single cell called a Zygote, in the next 24-36 hours the single cell will divide into two cells, 12 hours after it will divide into four cells, and will carry on dividing which forms a cluster of cells which are called a monula. Three – four days after it has been fertilised the monula will move from the fallopian tube and will enter the uterus. At about six days the monula will form a hollow cavity which is known as a blastocyst. The blastocyst will burrow itself into the uterus lining this is called implantation. The person is now around three weeks pregnant.
At four weeks the inner group of cells are called an embryo. The outer cells are like roots which links with the person’s blood supply
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If it is the women’s first baby they will have around 10 antenatal appointments. If it is not the first baby the women will be offered 7 appointments. Some women will be offered more appointments if they develop a medical conditions.

Antenatal care

Antenatal care is what health professionals give during a women’s pregnancy. The women is offered a number of appointments with a midwife or it can be with a specialist doctor in pregnancy and birth (obstetrician).
There will be checks to make sure the women’s baby is well, they will be able to give the pregnant women useful information so they can have a healthy pregnancy. This will include information including healthy eating and advice about exercise, they will answer any questions the women has.
Is when the person tells the G.P or midwife they are pregnant. During the first visit the pregnant woman will be given information about. Nutrition, diet and food hygiene Folic acid and vitamin D supplements Lifestyle factors that can affect their health or the baby’s, e.g. smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs Screen

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