The Role And Role Of The Midwifery

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The profession midwifery is a field in which it consists of different configurations. These frameworks include different fields where midwives focus on many aspects for the wellbeing of the mother and fetus. This essay will discuss midwifery as a practice, its rights alongside with the care it provides for women and their baby and the professional boundaries.
Woman centered care focuses on the woman’s needs, expectations and aspirations. It recognizes self-determination in terms of choice, control and continuity of care. It also addresses her social, emotional, physical, psychological, cultural needs and expectations. Woman centered care follows women across all phases of pregnancy, which includes antenatal, labour, birth and postnatal care. Midwives provide this care. The role of the midwife is to give support, care and advice during pregnancy, conduct births and provide care for the newborn and infant. The midwife has an important talk in health and education, not only for the woman but also
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The relationship with her environment including her midwife will influence her experience. Each woman is entitled to be cared for by midwives, nurses and doctors. In this setting of care midwives are entitled to take into account the professionalism they need to have with their patient. The midwife is there to take into control anything in regards to the woman and their fetus. Midwives are the main carers for women and will conduct their antenatal appointments, attend labour and birth and also provide postnatal care for the mother and baby. In order to provide the best care for woman, midwives need to provide the patient with information and let the patient also make decisions for themselves instead of telling them patient what you want to do. As Chalmers et al. (2001) has stated, women should be provided with evidence-based information and encouraged to participate in decisions about

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