Child Restraint Essay

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Case on Child Restraints


Sometime in 2003, the United Nations Organization (UNO) sent a circular to all their members on the safety of children in the age group of 1 day old up to
8 years. It was strongly advocated that children in this age group when travelling in a four wheeler must be seated in a child restraint. A child restraint is nothing but a baby car seat. It is mainly in two pieces. A solid base is fixed on the seat of the passenger car and a removable seat which can also be used to carry a baby. The baby is secured in this seat with the help of safety belts. In case of sudden breaking, the safety of babies is ensured.

The developed countries have been using child restraints from a long time.
However, many developing
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In USA, the law is so strong that the fine for not using a child restraint is USD 1000.00. So much so that it is the responsibility of the gynecologist to ensure that the parents have fitted the car with a child restraint before giving discharge from the hospital to the mother with newly born children. Otherwise, he too can be fined.

Accident hazards

More people die all over the world in automobile accidents than by any other diseases. Whether you travel on a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler, head injuries are the major causes of death. That is the reason, all developed countries have laws as follows:

a. For 2-wheelers, whether it is a bicycle or a power driven vehicle, helmets are compulsory, both for the main rider as well as the pillion rider.

b. Safety belts are compulsory when driving a 4-wheeler.

In most developed countries, fines are imposed for breaking the rules. However, in many countries like India, these rules are flouted and even the policemen ignore the breaking of law. Corruption too is rampant.
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The Company

Britax is a leader in manufacturing child restraints in Australia. They have
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The bracket gives their shares approximately.

The present market share of major manufacturers is as follows:

a. Maruti Ltd. 48-50%
b. Hyundai 20-25%
c. Mahindra 10-12%
d. Tata Motors 6-7%
e. Others 3-5%

In all, there are close to 85 models of passenger cars available in the Indian market. Prices range from Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 1crore and more. They are available with all modern accessories.

The Plan

Britax has decided to systematically carry out a study of Indian market. They have chalked out the plan in three stages. They are,

Stage 1: To carry out a market research in India to establish the marketing feasibility of the project. Following objectives have been finalized: 1. Who will be the target customers? How should the market be segmented?

2. What attributes they will be looking for in child restraints? 3. What price they will be willing to pay?

4. How big the market is likely to be in numbers as well as in value? What could be the possible growth rate every

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