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  • Learning Activity 4

    Learning Activity 4: Listening, Responding to Literature, Examining Literature, Comprehension: Fiction Present a point of view about particular literary texts using appropriate metalanguage, and reflecting on the viewpoints of others (ACELT1609) Recognise that ideas in literary texts can be conveyed from different viewpoints, which can lead to different kinds of interpretations and responses (ACELT1610) (a) The class novel (the exempler text) ‘I am Jack’ will be introduced and read daily for twenty (20) minutes each day. Occassionally, some students will read the class novel to the class. ‘I am Jack’ is a book based on a true experience. The author Susanne Gervey’s son was a victim of bullying. Gervey, writes about a boy called Jack who gets…

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  • Learning Activity Analysis: Turnitin

    Learning Activity 1 First the students must understand the basics involved with Turnitin. As previously mentioned, for many students this is their first exposure to the program and some students are just now continuing their academic pursuits which adds on to the frustration. With consideration to these learners the first activity will revolve around a made interactive tutorial focused on laying down the basics for students on what Turnitin is, what it’s supposed to achieve, how to use it and…

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  • Activities For Active Engagement Of Learning

    Course: EDP2222 Activities for active engagement of learning According to the constructivist’s theory, in order for meaningful learning to occur, the students need to be making connections to their world (Churchill et al, 2012). Students are interested according to Fisher (2005) in maths that relates to their needs. The lesson plan includes ideas such as lengths of a table, how to use a ruler and a YouTube clip that explains the history of measurement, relating measurement to the real…

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  • Personal Learning Activity 1

    Learning Activity 1 A good learning experience would be a few years back a teacher helps me achieve the best results. Also, she had time for everyone that might be encountering problems that they might have. Furthermore, she provided us with tricks and tips for exams for which she wanted the best possible result for everyone and motivated us to do our absolute best. A bad learning experience would when the teacher just regurgitated information from the Powerpoint and just giving it like a…

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  • Activity 2: Modes Of Learning And Learning Environment

    Activity 2 – Modes of Learning and Learning Environment 2.1 Modes of learning To facilitate active and independent learning I have used a range of learning modes that promote cooperative, participative and collaborative learning – simulation, role play. Learners simulate through role play in a commercial salon environment working in pairs during practical activities, this involves preparing for the treatments they plan to carry out. Preparation is the learners being able to set up their…

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  • Friction Affecting Students Learning Activity

    The focus question of the activity was What surface causes the car to travel the shortest distance?. After the discussion and CER framework, we were going to do a small activity over air resistance since air resistance is a form of friction. However, we did not have time so we did this activity during another day. Assessment of Students’ Learning To assess the students’ learning, we had a discussion over the three questions, listed above, as the whole class. We also collected the worksheets so…

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  • Behagth And Strengths In Relation To Supporting Learning Activities

    in relation to supporting learning activities and how these may impact on support that can be provided. Our strengths and weaknesses plays a great role in relation to supporting the different types of learning activity in schools. Using our strengths we need to focuses on doing more of “what you are good at rather than what you are” (http://www.kent.ac.uk) capable of doing. Usually high achievers spend their time and hard work in developing their strength to achieve the goal and managing their…

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  • The Importance Of Activity Theory And Second Language Learning

    Activity Theory would involve participation in some work due to cultural or biological needs. But when the objective intensifies, the need becomes a motive for activity. The ‘action’ and ‘goal’ become one and acquire purpose. Since activity involves doing a task to bring in transformation that will pave the way for development, activity theorists also study the influence of second language learning on social and cultural patterns. The Activity Theory yields an illustrative meticulous framework…

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  • Learning Activity 14: Drama Role Play

    Learning Activity 14: Drama, Role-Play and Questioning Exploring empathy and improvisations to develop characters and situations (ACADRM035) Students will role play the different forms of bullying such as cyber, verbal, and physical bullying. The students will have to recognise and solve these problems in a moral and respectful way by creating a role-play of the situation in a way that it could be better resolved. Learning Activity 15: Word Attack, Decoding, Vocabulary, Visualisation,…

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  • Advantages Of Supporting Learning Activities

    Wide spectrum of abilities: Having a inclusive class with a wide range of children and abilities could also cause a problem when supporting learning activities, ensuring that all children are engaged, involved and fully understand the task that has been set. This can be dealt with by splitting the children in to ability based groups and providing the appropriate work for each group and setting achievable targets. By encouraging the higher ability children to help those struggling will help…

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