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  • Three Technologies Review Paper

    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a website the engages students in learning and understanding mathematics. This website uses manipulatives to help students visualize relationships and applications. This resources allows teachers to enrich their mathematical lessons. Pre-K - 12th Math 2. Buzzmath is a website and mobile application that focuses on learning and practicing middle school mathematics skills. is a website and mobile application that focuses on learning and practicing elementary and middle school mathematics skills. This website allows students to receive immediate detailed feedback and allows missed problems to be retried. Detail reports can be generated to allow teacher to follow students’ progress. Buzzmath is based on the NCTM curriculum in the NCTM Middle School book and the Common Core State Standards in the 3 Common Core Books. 3rd grade – 8th grade Math 3.…

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  • Traditional Education: Advantages And Benefits Of Online Education

    Alshahrani Student ID: P1401984x The use of e-learning is becoming increasingly common on a range of courses in universities. To what extent is this beneficial for your chosen field of study? During the last decade, the applications of e-learning in the educational institutions have tremendously increased, as a result of developments in the field of information communication technologies (ICT) and the telecommunication. According to Markovic (2010), almost 90%…

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  • Transtextual Model

    In Perth, Western Australia, Hagger, Sultaan, and Charizarantis (2014) developed a study that is directed towards the trans-contextual model, where they explain how it outlines that the students’ perception of the support the teacher gives them for autonomous motivation through learning activities in class which leads them that form out-of-school. Hagger et al. (2014) measure this by the students filling out self-reported measurements of the autonomy support they receive and their own behavior…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Virtual School

    typical snow day, students still have to get up to do schoolwork because school was not canceled, it was transformed in a virtual way. The idea of virtual classrooms taking place when there is too much snow on the ground first became a test trial in Bergen County of New Jersey in 2014. In this case, since it was a trial, Pascack Valley Regional High School planned to try this experiment on a wintery “snow day” in February of the school year, so beforehand, the students were told what they had to…

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  • Education Vs Cheating

    In schools systems it has always and will always be present. Cheating can be defined as misleading, deceiving, or acting dishonestly on purpose. It is not necessarily very difficult to get answers from a fellow classmate or from the internet. But, is it more difficult to cheat in a public school or a virtual one? Technology today has made it fairly easy to do in both. Online schools revolve solely around internet use. Clifford Stoll, an astronomer and computer systems administrator, claims…

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  • Learning Executive Think Tank

    these best practices identified by the Learning Executive Think Tank relate conceptually to the ideals espoused by Garvin in “Building a Learning Organization.” The advisory councils best practice bears similarity to Garvin’s emphasis on the Three M of Management. Management refers to providing practical counsel to subordinates rather than merely engaging in directive aspirations. In their discussion of this best practice, the advisory councils provide the forum where this practical counsel can…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Ipads

    Since the advent of the iPad in 2010, there has been a tremendous excitement about how they can revolutionise our lives and our children’s learning. Indeed, tablet technology is now thought of as a household item, desired, if not owned by the younger generation. Children are central to the digital revolution and often understand the technology better than their parents, so why, in this age in which we live, shouldn’t the iPad be a large part of a child’s learning? Before the invention of…

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  • Online Learning Style Analysis

    Peter Drucker, an award winning educator, once said, “We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn” (Drucker). Technology has changed many aspects of life, including education. Students are now able to take courses online. This has changed the way that teachers teach and only those students whose learning styles match this, or who adapt to these changes, succeed. Because of this and other…

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  • Self-Efficacy In Online Learning

    This chapter covers the different types of basic online distance education styles, such as one or two-way audio/video, while also getting into details regarding specific emerging technologies, such as podcasting. Through this chapter students are able to immerse themselves in the basic familiarity of distance education sources, emerging technology usage and basic tiers of the internet service that can be incorporated into learning. As well, the chapter also covers the concepts of communication…

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  • Disadvantages Of Online Schooling

    of school, whether it 's learning the traditional way, or another method of learning, such as online learning. Traditional learning is learning in a classroom, at a school, where you are taught face-to-face by a teacher. Online learning is school that has its courses on the internet, and you get no face-face interaction with your teachers because it 's all on a computer screen. Online schooling can be done at home, a library, or anywhere that there is as computer and a good source of internet. A…

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