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  • Issues In The Workplace

    living family life and many people suffer illness or even death in the workplace areas. Work life conflict generates plenty of issues and this negative impact will not only reduce the worker productivity but also increase health and safety risks such as smoking and alcohol consumption, depression and violence, etc. 1. Smoking According to the pressure of the working place, employees who smoke tend to complain smoking ban rules. The increasing smoking numbers of people due to the pressure and anxiety of the unbalance work and life. Everyone have problems from outside workplace and most people will bring this negative attitude whiling working. Therefore, they see smoke as a way…

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  • Workplace Ethical Issues

    There is a developing nationwide concern about privacy issues in the workplace today, at the same time the use of electronic monitoring devices is on the rise in America’s workplace. The benefit of advanced technology brings ethical issues not only for employers, but also for the employees. Companies have to develop a delicate balance between policies that are too intrusive and properly monitor employees in order to prevent criminal or socially intolerable activities, which are detrimental to…

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  • Ethical Issues In The Workplace

    Ethics plays a role in every aspect of business life and is essential to operating a successful operation. Unethical financial reporting, workplace harassment, employee working conditions, workplace diversity and equal pay for work performed are the major ethical issues that if left unaddressed will lead to major problems within an organization. The results of these ethical issues are as numerous as the issues themselves but can be highlighted by businesses losing productivity, employees…

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  • Diversity Issues In The Workplace

    Humans are unique in so many ways that each have their own personality, skills, knowledge, and attributes that varies from one another. The facility deals with a lot of people in all ages and races. Respect, trust and patience are some of the key factors to build a strong foundation and reputation that is admired and appreciated by all. But along this, there are a lot of circumstances that makes it more hard and challenging to deal with. Diversity issues in the workplace are common that some…

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  • Workplace Issues Of Unionization

    Describe the workplace issues that prompt Emma (the main character) to consider unionization? There were a couple workplace issues that prompt Emma to consider unionization. When Emma started to work at Patty’s she noticed how unfair people are being treated examples were favouritism, unstable hours and sexual harassment. When Patty’s got a new head manager from there everything went down hill. Some issues were cutting employee hours. Dale targeted the single mom employees who really needed…

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  • Sexual Orientation Issues In The Workplace

    the way businesses choose to approach diversity. One issue facing the business world is the issue of workplace diversity and how to balance religious freedom and personal beliefs with the current worldly acceptance of various sexual orientations. Mathis, Jackson and Valentine state that, “Approximately 9 million Americans identify themselves as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender” (2014, p. 3-4). This statistic sheds light on a potential demographic of workers. Changes to laws, such as…

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  • Intergenerational Issues In The Workplace Essay

    History of Intergenerational Issues Exploring the Intergenerational workforce, there are four dissimilar generations in the workforce currently. From the Traditionalists, to the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Which makes it challenging, creating intergenerational issues in the workplace. Besides, complex depending on the group of people that are employed in an organization. However, as managers, is important to understand your employees, their cultural differences, providing all…

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  • Ethical Issues In The Workplace Essay

    INTRODUCTION The purpose of this assignment 2 essay is to reflect on the ethical issue which occurred in my workplace 2 years ago. This report entirely discusses on the experience on the ethical issues, the emotions and feelings I have gone through during the phase, and on how I manage to handle and overcome the dilemma with the right ethical approach. Lastly, I concluded the essay with the lessons I have learnt from the reflective process. The incident occurred when I was working as a…

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  • Discrimination Issues In The Workplace Essay

    This annotated bibliography will provide the 10 sources collected to support my argument which proposes the problem of women discrimination issues in the workplace such as hiring, wage, promotion, pregnancy, and provide the information about the industry’s unfair against women and the training will reduce the discrimination and remove their prejudice against women in the workplace. Alvarez, Fred W., and Allison Moser. "Targeting Employers for Gender-Based Pay and Promotion Discrimination: The…

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  • Donald Trump Workplace Issues

    Following the upset of the latest presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many workplace issues have developed in the Trump administration. From apparent Russian ties to accusations of Barack Obama wiretapping Trump’s transition team, the most prominent of issues is pertaining to the relationship between President Trump and the mainstream media. Since his announcement to run for president, Donald Trump has been nothing but shy in announcing his dislike for the media’s…

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