Electronic Monitoring And Ethical Issues In The Workplace

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There is a developing nationwide concern about privacy issues in the workplace today, at the same time the use of electronic monitoring devices is on the rise in America’s workplace. The benefit of advanced technology brings ethical issues not only for employers, but also for the employees. Companies have to develop a delicate balance between policies that are too intrusive and properly monitor employees in order to prevent criminal or socially intolerable activities, which are detrimental to the company. Properly managing electronic monitoring encourages an ethical work environment and prevents legal issues, protects the company’s image and information, however it has negative adverse effects on employees. According to Bhatt, “organizations …show more content…
Proactive employers use monitoring for valid purposes, to protect company’s confidential information, and liability not just for disciplining workers. Many workers feel monitoring invades their privacy, while others accept it, only if it monitors work-related activity to their specific job (Samaranayake and Gamage, 87). Unfortunately, today there is enormous computerization and with expanding technology come ethical concerns about security and privacy between personal and professional behavior in the workplace. Woodbury explains that “employee monitoring brings up ethical issues such as employees downloading pornography, putting personal web pages on company owned machines, or displaying offensive images on computer monitors” (qtd. in Yerby, 51). Employees spend a vast amount of their day on computers frequently doing more than just work-related activity like browsing and shopping on the Internet, day trading, playing games, and sending personal emails. One type of monitoring known as a Keystroke program is available, but it does not take into account when employees are sick or taking a bathroom break, so employers get bias and incorrect data, which can affect their employment. Before turning to total electronic monitoring companies should try to employ quality management to monitor the standard of work their employees are producing. Ethical diligence by company managers creates an ethical work environment where employees can prosper personally and

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