Essay on Human And Civil Rights And Government Control

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How would one want someone to watch them constantly without any knowledge of it? Surveillance is defined as the close monitoring of the actions of a specific individual. Because of security cameras, webcams in technology devices, and hackers, humans are stripped of their privacy. George Orwell’s 1984 concerns the topics of basic human and civil rights and government control. These concerns are still present as issues today. In society today, the people are not only brought down by the government -- or “Big Brother” -- but brought down by the massive increase of today’s technology, also known as, Little Brother.
Just recently this month, the company Apple fights an order form the government. In San Bernardino, California a massive shooting occurred. The FBI wants Apple to unlock the iPhone used by one of the shooters. The CEO, Tim Cook, states, “The government is asking Apple to hack our own users and undermine decades of security advancements that protect our customers--including tens of millions of American citizens--from sophisticated hackers and cybercriminals.” Cook then goes on and calls the ruling a “dangerous precedent”. In other terms, if Apple was to unlock this device it could also potentially release the information of millions Americans. This shows how the littlest bit of technology could expose everyone’s personal lives to the public. Little Brother is a huge concern, that society needs to be aware of. At the end of Part Two in 1984, Winston and…

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