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  • Marie Curie: An Influential Role In Science

    influential role in science, Marie Curie did just that. Born Marie Sklodowska in 1867 in Warsaw, Poland, Marie is best known for discovering the elements radium and polonium, and her study of radioactivity, which led to advances in the treatment of cancer and the development of nuclear power; both of which are still used today. Her work on radioactivity led to her being the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and advancement in the use of x-rays especially in the medical field. In 1903 her and her husband Pierre Curie were jointly awarded, along with Henry Becquerel (a French physicist), the Nobel Prize for physics for the discovery of radioactivity. Marie Curie…

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  • Marie Curie Hero

    are a little heroes who do not become removed from the pages. One of my confidential all-time heroes is Marie Curie, the early woman to accomplish the Nobel Prize. At a period after women were not allowed to go in the University of Warsaw, her residence metropolis, Marie worked as a governess beforehand becoming…

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  • Marie Curie Research Paper

    Marie Curie was a remarkable woman. She overcame adversity to become one of the most accomplished scientists today. Without this scientist the fight against cancer or something as simple as getting an x-ray would not be what it is today. Her research has helped to save the lives of millions. In order to accomplish everything she did (Founder of Curic Instutes, winner of two Nobel Prizes, discovering two new chemical elements) being a woman in a time where women were considered to be second class…

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  • Marie Curie: A Magnificent Scientist

    Marie Curie: A Magnificent Scientist Imagine if you had cancer and were told there was nothing the doctors could do to help. They told you that you only had 2 years to live and that they were extremely sorry. This is what would happen to every single cancer patient if Marie Curie never researched radioactivity. Marie Curie and Pierre Curie discovered radium in 1898, Marie then further researched it and discovered the benefits and disadvantages of it. Thanks to Currie radioactivity is now…

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  • Marie Sklodowska Essay

    early 1900s was Marie Sklodowska. While she was in physics, Marie won two nobel prizes. Also, she discovered the elements Radium and Polonium. Marie had to conquer many hardships to get all these awards. Marie Sklodowska was born in Warshow, Portland on November 7, 1867. She was the youngest of five children, and that family was already very poor. Her mother was a poor schoolroom teacher that was named, Bronislawa Sklodowska. Her father was named Wladyslaw Sklodowska. After she was done with…

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  • Women In The Film 'Contact'

    Ellie and Margaret exemplified great passion for science which can be seen through their constant dedication to the subject. Additionally, they have similar extrovert personalities that caused them to be ridiculed for their ideas and thoughts on society in relation to science. However, they fought consistently to achieve their goals and dreams. Ellie and the female scientist, Marie Curie, have a great deal in common in that they both made incredible discoveries. Marie Curie was the first woman…

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  • How Did Radiation Change

    It is a versatile treatment, it can be used as x-rays to find things, to being used as medicine to cure or, at least, slow the rate of cancer spreading. With all the knowledge the world has today about radiation, it shows that radiation has changed medicine for the better by killing off cancerous, disease ridden tissue and cells, along with changing the way we look at treatment. From starting back in 1895 as a new ray that could pass through substances to going on to be used in the military by…

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  • Radiation Chavez High School

    His student Marie Curie discovered that only certain chemical elements gave off these rays of energy and named this radioactivity. Although Becquerel called this radioactivity, Curie later coined the term “radiation”. She’d be the first to work with radioactive materials and also later discover other radioactive elements such as thorium, polonium, and radium. In 1901 within months of studying and experimenting, systems were being made to use x-rays for diagnosis, and within 3 years radiation was…

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  • Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History Analysis

    in most places in the world, there are women who risked their lives for it. In most of cases recorded in history women stood for their rights with no intention to be remembered. as we know there are misbehaved women in history who their name will be remembered for ever in history but this does not mean well-behaved ones did not make history. So my respond to this slogan that “well-behaved women seldom make history” is a No. I strongly disagree with this quote because just like our male…

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  • Marie Skloodowska Research Paper

    Marie Skłodowska Curie, born Maria Salomea Skłodowska on the 7th of september 1867. She was a polish chemist and physicist who had pioneered research on radioactivity, she was the first woman to receive a nobel prize and later died due to her research. Though, before any of this happened she was the youngest child of née Boguska and Władysław Skłodowski two teachers from Bronisława who lost all their property and fortunes in the Polish national uprisings to restore Poland’s independence from the…

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