How Does Plastic Surgery Influence South Korean Popular Culture

The aegyo that the female celebrities portray to their audience supports the cliché damsel in distress mentality and the need for male protection. The gendered image of females in the media embodies the notion that young women are expected to portray themselves to their male counterparts as fragile and helpless.
The aegyo behavior that South Korean popular culture portrays perpetuates the sexualisation of young girls. Groups such as Lovelyz and GFRIEND have music videos—both of which have more than three million views on YouTube--that are filmed in schools and are dressed in school uniforms. Their attire in these videos has tops that are short enough to expose their stomachs and wear short skirts along with high heels to exaggerate the length
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As it increasingly becomes more popular in other countries, there seems to be a switch that is different from Westernization. This is defined as “the social process of becoming familiar with or converting to the customs and practices of Western civilization” (LaBellea 70) and normally associated with European being at the top of the list but accompanied in the increase of popularity of South Korean culture outside the country of origin, many people are trying to emulate a non—Western version of beauty. In the news recently there was a Brazilian man who was into Korean pop and underwent surgery (Auerbach 1). This may hint to the effects South Korean popular media is having internationally as …show more content…
The entertainment companies do this by highlighting the dominance of men and submissiveness in women particularly in Korean shows. They use aegyo and childlike expressions and behaviors to appeal to the need for male protection and sexualisation of young females. Lastly, the South Korean entertainment industry has a huge impact in promoting the ideal body in popular media and can cause negative effects for those who try and live up to that standard by the use of plastic surgery inside and outside of South Korea along with dieting which can cause eating disorders later on. Despite the potential harmful consequences of viewing popular culture as an ideal reality, there also is a constant shift in the industry that are causing improvements to occurring for the

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