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  • It Would Be Different If By Maggie Mitchell

    In the short story, It Would be Different If by Maggie Mitchell, the story takes place in Canada in the 80’s. The story is told in a first person narrative, but in an unreliable narration. “I’m trying to figure out what boat you are in,” (Mitchell, 169) as the narrator dwells on a past relationship, readers can get the sense of attachment and obsession for a man that is no longer hers. The main character Nikki, draws out an image of the fantasized life she is living, waiting on Jeff to be “reaching for” (Mitchell, 169) her again. Mitchell uses a substantial amount of symbolism throughout her story, leaving readers to question the true plot of the short story. “Here’s what I remember,” (Mitchell, 169) instantly, Nikki is telling a story that…

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  • Without Biodiversity, How Different Would The World Be?

    Without biodiversity, how different would the world be? Biodiversity is arguably the basis for all living things. Without it, many experts believe that there would be no living organisms on the Earth. Biodiversity is the variety in all living organisms in certain ecosystems or habitats. Sustainability can be defined as meeting the needs of the current generation without risking the needs that the future generations will need. Without biodiversity, sustainability would not be possible whatsoever.…

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  • Personal Narrative: What I Would Have Done Different

    What I Would Have Done Different on April 29, 2016. On April 29, 2016 I made a cycle of bad decisions that could of ended my career. Instead of thinking about the team I made a lot of rational decisions on what I wanted instead of thinking of how it could of affected the people around me. With that being said, what would I have done different on April 29, 2016? I would have done a number of countless things to not end up in the situation that I put myself and my chain of command in a bind…

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  • How My Development Would Be Different If I Were Born Female

    How my Development Would Be Different if I Were Born a Female This is a difficult question, because an extremely large portion of my self-concept and identity revolves around my male gender. There is much talk and debate about the effects of race on one’s self identity and worldview, but I identify far more with being a man than I do with being White (this could be a result of White privilege). Much of this identity was passed down through my family structure. Best (2009) stated that, “Social…

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  • College Admissions Essay-If Life Were Different

    If Life Were Different I grew up in a small family. There are 4 of us: me, my mother, father, and brother. I have 2 dogs as well. I would say I had a pretty simple life and I love it. I couldn’t ask for better parents or a more supportive brother. My family situation is amazing. Because of my family, I can do things now that in the past I may not have been able to think of doing. I have so many opportunities available to me because of my family. My parents work so hard and are the best things…

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  • If I Were To Redo My Study Differently?

    research and interact with different human beings. We can see that not everyone have the same mindset especially due to their different class categorization. Most of us would expect the working class to react to certain situations differently like the one with their kids. We would think that they would want their child to become better and be an overachiever whereas they want the opposite. Then you have the typical upper-class women and middle-class women. To sum it all up, we can see that each…

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  • Essay On Religion Should Be Taught In Public Schools

    the many perspectives and disrespect towards one another’s different religions and cultures. Having a religion class in public schools brings great amounts of benefits to not only the students that are learning about the different religions, but as well as American citizens as a whole. It’s been quite a hassle for those who have been trying to put religion classes in schools because of the many opinions and arguments towards one another’s different perspective in religion. Teaching a religion…

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  • Should Religion Be Taught In Schools Essay

    school systems today? "In the U.S.A, the long tradition of religious values being represented in public education has been severely restricted over the past 60 years (Mawdsleya, 2008, pp.83-106)." But why is that? Is it because there are many different religions practiced within the United States or the parents not wanting their…

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  • Observation Of The Brain Activity

    Because people operate at different conscious levels according to their task or thoughts, many different results can occur from the experiment. A large and truly random group of test subjects would create the best results for this test. Tasks or thought triggers chosen to specifically target one area of the brain could be performed at different states of consciousness such as: different levels of awakeness, during the use of a mind-altering drug, or at normal conditions. Recording observations…

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  • Spanish Vs Aztec Research Paper

    The Spanish and the Aztec were different in beliefs and many other ways. Some of their beliefs were unique or extreme. Their thoughts on each other depended on their beliefs and their worldviews. They were taught differently and taught different things for different situations. Religion had also played a big role in their education. What the Aztec and the Spanish were taught became their lives. The Aztec chose what you learned by your gender or if you showed talent. For example, Aztec men…

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