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  • Knights Vs Samurai

    Knights Vs. Samurai: Who Would Win? By Seng, Sydney During the medieval period, both Europe and Japan had their own specific warriors. One was the knight who represented Europe, and the other was the Samurai that represented Japan. Both had their own culture and beliefs that existed solely in their part of the world at the time. Though the two groups of warriors were extremely similar, samurai would win a battle due to their expanse of armor, strict code, and rigorous training. The first way samurai have an advantage over knights in battle is through their armor. In document D written by Terry Bennett, it states, “Samurai did not wear their armor on their right arm so they could easily draw their bow…” This was an advantage for the samurai. Easy access to their bow was necessary to attack. Although it seems like a disadvantage to be exposed, quick and stealthy attacks in battle may result in victory for their side. Another piece of evidence that supports the claim is also from document D. It states, “...small iron scales were tied together, lacquered, and then bound into armor plates with silk or leather cords.” This armor seemed to be lighter and more versatile than the knights heavy metal armor. It allowed them to move without as much weight on their backs, making them quicker. There are still many reasons to why a samurai…

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  • Knights In The Medieval Times: Samurai Vs. Knights

    Samurai vs knights compare and contrast In the medieval times, the European knights and the Japanese samurai protected the nobles and maintained peace. The knights and samurai were the same, but different. Weapons and armor First, samurai and knight had weapons and armor. The Samurai had two swords, knights had one sword. Knights are better because the had a strong sword. Samurai had the better armor then knights. The samurai armor were made out of chain mail. The knight sword…

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  • Dbq Essay On Knights Vs Samurai

    Knights were the imperial military figure in Europe and samurai were the secondary military figure in japan. Although they sound different there are many similarities. Samurai had full loyalty to their lord just as the knights had to their own lords. The Knights had a code of honor called chivalry and the Samurai had a similar code called bushido. Although Samurai and Knights had a few differences there similarities were greater than their differences. “ A sword was a very elegant weapon in…

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  • Samurai Vs Knights Research Paper

    Have you ever thought if you wanted to be a knight or a samurai? Well if you are thinking about it now I am going to give you some information on both of the groups. The samurai lived in Japan and the knights lived in castles everywhere. Samurai and knights both lived in the Middle Ages and they both had different leaders that they listened to. The samurai and the knights both had their differences and similarities but, they always have good reasons for what they were doing. In this essay I will…

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  • Samurai Vs Knights

    towards you, it is a samurai, a warrior of feudal Japan. Then you see a man with full body armor and a sword, it is a knight, who do you think is a better warrior. It will be on their armor and weapons, their education and how both of them treated women. I hope you enjoy. The first one is their weapons and armor. The samurai had a mask to scare the enemy. It was made to look like a demon. It was to also keep the head a little safer. The knights had a metal helmet to protect his face. The…

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  • Knights Vs Samurai Dbq Essay

    included Samurais and knights. But have you ever wondered who would win in a battle between the two? This essay will be highlighting who would win the battle. While knights and Samurais have many similarities, in a one on one battle, the advantage would be to the samurai and this can be seen in their training, armory, and code of honor. The first way that samurais have an advantage is training. In document C1 written by the PBS Series it says in”In their schooling they had physical training……

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  • Samurais Vs Knights Essay

    This essay will be about the differences in samurais and knights.For example the knights chopped heads off for a living while knights were known for being respectful and doing random acts of kindness. In this first paragraph, I Will be focusing on their weapons and armor and samurai's armor and weapons are better.Samurais had katanas. Knights had heavy armor.Samurais had many types of swords for different types of battles or Seppuku.Knights also had swords but were only used for…

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  • Samurai Vs Knights Dbq

    Samurais vs Knights Samurais and knights both keep their people protected and safe so they’re happy. They are both very brave warriors in their time and you could say they’re both the best of their time. But that leaves us with the question, who would win in a battle, a samurai or a knight? I say a samurai would win in a fight and I have evidence to back this up. The first way that samurais have an advantage is because how they fight and how they train to fight. In document C1 it states “The…

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  • Knights Vs Samurai Research Paper

    treated compared from the samurai and knights. Also I will be talking about the benefits of weapons and armor compared from samurai and knights. Lastly I will be comparing the knights religious beliefs to the samurais religious beliefs. samurai wives were treated not so good but on the other hand knights wives were treated much better. This meant many things like knights did respect their women but they weren't able to become knights. But being a samurai's wife meant they weren't treated as…

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  • Similarities Between The Knight And Samurai

    The samurai and the knight had his origins in military and economic need. His role was as a warrior, and like the samurai in some cases he was little more than a thug rewarded for his viciousness. But if a knight was to succeed, he had to take his role in the military seriously. Furthermore, like the samurai of Japan as time went on, success required more than brawn: it required loyalty to his liege-lord in society as well as strategy and ingenuity on the battlefield. Born of Noble blood and…

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