Infant Development Essay

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  • Infant Brain Development

    Throughout this course, we have learned several different areas of the brain, as well as the differences between the infant brain, the child brain, the adolescent brain, the adult brain, and the aging brain. For this particular assignment, we have chosen to break down the importance of the infant brain and how it may appear different in development and content, from the others as it has not fully developed. We have chosen to include a total of 43 words, that of which all share an importance to the growth and development of the infant brain, however some more significant than others. In order to attract the viewers attention to the main ideas, we have chosen to enlarge, and bolden the most significant ideas throughout this stage of the brain. The majority of our words come from the information learned through Episode 1 of the documentary “The Secret Life of the Human Brain” and the information on the handout that followed. Important terms that were mentioned in…

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  • Infant Development Case Study

    Infant Developmental Summary for Sarah Sarah’s overall development needs referral for further evaluation. Sarah is a smiling happy infant, who makes eye contact, and babbles responding to the adults. Sarah’s gross motor development is at-risk, as of evidence she has not transferred objects from hand to hand, she also has not started rolling from her stomach to back and back to stomach. She has not yet developed sitting unsupported yet, and having her legs support her whole weight as she stands…

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  • Differences Between Babies And Infant Development

    Babies are simply amazing in the amount of physical growth and mental development that occurs within the first year of life. What is fascinating are the distinct differences in development from one baby to the next in personality, physical growth and mental progression. Genetics certainly has a place within these areas of development; however, I want to dig into the external side of infant development within the home and caretakers. We see in the text a marked difference in the weight of the…

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  • 7 Month Infant Development Analysis

    II Analysis Development of a normal 7 month infant Infancy begins from birth to around 1 to 2 years of age. It is said to be one of the stages in life that we see the most rapid development both physically and cognitively. Throughout the several months in infancy we expect and see the different milestones that a child has been able to cross, for example a child’s first smile, first word even first step. Every child develops in a unique way but there are some specific milestones that a child…

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  • Analyzing Piaget's Theory On Infant Development

    Cognitive Development in Infancy, I was able to reflect and come up with many questions, concerns, and comments about the material being read. This chapter talked about Piaget’s theory on infant development. There were three different things that were discussed in this theory. There is cognitive process, the sensorimotor stage, and then they evaluate Piaget’s sensorimotor stage. Cognitive process is developed mental processes, such as perception, memory, language, problem solving, and abstract…

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  • Preterm Infant Development

    Preterm Infants and Development Victoria Davis Excelsior College Another physical complication of a preterm infant is blindness or Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). Retinopathy of Prematurity develops is the leading cause of vision loss in children. Because of being born prematurely the full development of the eyes is interrupted. ROP cause the blood vessels of the eye to grow abnormally and spread throughout the retina. Because these new blood vessels are fragile, they…

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  • Infant Cognitive Development

    An infant’s cognitive development depends on many things; their interaction with adults to encourage talking, when they reach that stage of development; their interaction with other children their age and to give them the opportunity to explore a new environment that they are not familiar to, (Duncan, 2003). Child care is important as children are introduced at a young age to many different cultures and languages and these are the ways that children learn their much needed vocabulary and…

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  • Infant Room Activity Report

    ROOM #1 – Infant Room Scheduled Activity The first Activity would be called” Look who I SEE.” This activity well takes place when the infant is fed and changed and is in a calm mood. While holding an infant in front of a mirror so, they can see themselves. (Talk to Infant and Toddler Activities: Retrieved from, the child, tries to get the baby to focus on his or hers image in the mirror. Call the infant name, make different sounds. Erik Erikson theory…

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  • Prenatal Development Research Paper

    Prenatal Prenatal development begins when once an egg has been fertilized. This is the ultimate beginning of Human Development. The many changes that fertilized egg goes through before becoming a new born human is all a part of prenatal development. The first part of this period called zygote. This is the process that fertilized egg take until it plants itself in wall of the uterus. While in the uterus the structure called the placenta exchanges the nutrients between the pregnant woman and…

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  • Response To Annie Paul Murphy's Argument Concerning Language Development

    the first information that I would deliver to an expecting mother concerning language development, would be the amazing things that happens before birth that can affect the language development as well as the negative things. According to author Annie Paul Murphy, during the prenatal stages if the infant is exposed to certain environmental factors such as drugs, diseases, or alcohol and many more. These exposures can lead to complications in the brain development during pregnancy, therefore,…

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