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  • Art Museum Review

    For our second exhibit review I chose to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, mainly because I had never been to the Art museum before. Originally, I had wanted to review the Pharaoh: King of Egypt exhibition that is visiting the museum. I have always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt history, and the website states visitors can “uncover the stories behind ancient Egypt’s legendary rulers through stunning objects from the vast Egyptian holdings of the British Museum.” Who doesn’t want to experience that? However, upon arriving to the museum, we realized that patrons have to pay for admission to that exhibit- something we were not prepared for since the Art Museum itself is free. So, I spent the day at the museum trying to find a certain section…

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  • Unit 3 Art Review Essay

    Exploring three art reviews helped construct a better understanding of the fundamental aspects that are important to persuasive arguments. All of the reviews are of work from the past year all from the Portland area. Each author cited previous art movements and artists to enhance their stance on the work of the new artist. This gives more artistic credit to the new artists work since it follows historical traditions yet finds new perspectives. The descriptive language about the physical nature…

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  • American Gothic Art Review Essay

    The artwork I have chosen is titled, “American Gothic”, by the artist Grant wood. The artwork was painted in the year of 1930. The painting measures 29 1/4 X 24 1/2 inches. These materials make the painting look realistic: oil on beaverboard, pitchfork, clothes, glasses, and the house in the background. The artwork is located in The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois and VAGA, New York, New York. I will now describe the painting I have chosen so you will know what it looks like. The…

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  • Agenda Summary

    The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. The first order of business was the approval of the Agenda. Mr. Kirkland made a motion to accept the Agenda as written. Ms. Demers seconded, motion carried. The next item was the approval of the Minutes from the September 13th Annual Membership Meeting. Mr. Mack made a motion to approve the Minutes as written. Ms. Demers seconded, motion carried. Next on the Agenda was the Audited Financial Report. Ms. Olejnik and Ms. Stefanski…

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  • Reflection: Monitoring My Learning

    How am I going to actively monitor my learning in this course? After I complete the assigned chapter reading before class, I am going to answer the review questions for the chapter to assess my learning. This will give me feedback whether I understand or did not understand certain concepts or terminology within the reading. I will also create flashcards for terminology and vocabulary and actively review them to monitor my retention and learning in this course. Do I find this course interesting?…

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  • Challenges Of Amy Fox's Class

    101 is the ability to “work collaboratively with other students” (3). There is no way to prove that a student has this required ability. A student who has no prior experience reviewing classmates would have a hard time reviewing an outline or discussing a classmate’s paper in class. If a project or paper in Fox’s class relies too heavily on this interaction between students, then the level of review and help each student receives will vary based on who they are paired with. For example, before…

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  • How To Write A Personal Reflection On Preparing An Activity System

    What I did was I created a outline for every subheading that I needed to discuss for the activity system. I included brief paragraphs for each subheading in my outline to have a beginning stage of writing my paper. The next day after my stratigies for success class I went to the library and looked at my essay and included more details to my outline making sure that I covered everything in my paper and after that I began incubating throughout the entire day. That night I had used my outline and…

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  • Incident Based Nursing Peer Review Process

    Incident-Based Nursing Peer Review Process Incident based peer review take place when a nurse’s action or practice is questionable or a hospital receives a complaint regarding a nurse’s conduct. Therefore, the purpose of the incident based peer review is to determine if a nurse’s action or practice was a minor incident that can be remediated or if the nurse’s continued practice represents “risk of harm” to a patient or other person; In the event that the nurse’s practice is determined to be…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Lifelong Literacy

    then have my peers review and comment on it was a step forward in my writing process. The impact of having a second and third person read and comment on my work made me understand how beneficial the peer review is. The peer reviews clearly identified grammar mistakes, and I learned that I need to pay closer attention to my use of compound sentences and proper punctuation. It was suggested that I should try reading the paper out loud to help self-review and this had a big impact on my ability to…

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  • She's Come Undone Book Review

    “She’s Come Undone,” by Wally Lamb, a book review from New York Times Database source, provides a lengthy detailed description, for a rather formal audience, with a useful recommendation. However, from the same book, She’s Come Undone, a Goodreads’s user from a Web source, provide a short summary, with no details or specific informational context, for a rather informal audience and also providing a useful recommendation. These two book’s reviews are destine to different audiences, Hilma…

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