Personal Learning Reflection

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How am I going to actively monitor my learning in this course? After I complete the assigned chapter reading before class, I am going to answer the review questions for the chapter to assess my learning. This will give me feedback whether I understand or did not understand certain concepts or terminology within the reading. I will also create flashcards for terminology and vocabulary and actively review them to monitor my retention and learning in this course. Do I find this course interesting? Why or why not? How could I make this material personally relevant? Yes, I find this course extremely interesting. My major is biology at Ball State and I’ve always had a curiosity about how such small components of life can affect me on an everyday …show more content…
In what ways is the teaching in this course supportive of my learning? How could I maximize this? The way that my instructor has the group activities set up throughout the lecture helps my teamwork skills and holds me accountable to understand the concepts in lecture before coming in. BY reading the assigned chapter before class and taking good notes during lecture, I can maximize the group work to help contribute and progress my learning for the topics in class.In what ways is the teaching in this course not supportive of my learning? How could I compensate for or change this. Sometimes I have trouble hearing the professor during lecture and I am an auditory learner. Then sometimes if I do not hear the entire sentence of a certain slid, I am behind in my comprehension. I can compensate for this by reviewing the lecture power point slides on Blackboard and rereading the notes written down. Instead of not hearing a certain part of an explanation and feeling lost, I can look over what was said and written about a certain slide. How confident am I in my learning? What could I do to increase my interest and confidence?I am very confident in my

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