7 Month Infant Development Analysis

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Denver II Analysis
Development of a normal 7 month infant
Infancy begins from birth to around 1 to 2 years of age. It is said to be one of the stages in life that we see the most rapid development both physically and cognitively. Throughout the several months in infancy we expect and see the different milestones that a child has been able to cross, for example a child’s first smile, first word even first step. Every child develops in a unique way but there are some specific milestones that a child should be able to achieve around a certain age (Santrock, 2009).
I will be discussing the normal development of a 7 month infant. At 7 months an infant has begun to develop gross motor, fine motor, social, cognitive and language skills. At 7 months
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By 7 months an infant is in secondary circular reaction which occurs between 4 to 8 months this is one of Piaget’s six sub stages of sensorimotor development (Santrock, 2009). Secondary circular reactions is when an “infant becomes more object- oriented, moving beyond self-preoccupation; repeat actions that bring interesting or pleasurable results (Santrock, 2009).” An example of this would be when an infant cries to be picked up, you are holding an infant and then place him down as you leave the room the infant begins to cry as you walk back to pick him up he stops. At this stage the infant also begins to imitate simple actions such as baby talk and gestures (Santrock, …show more content…
The Denver II was used to measure the development of the infant. The Denver II is split into 4 developmental sections personal-social, fine motor-adaptive, language and gross motor. The first section that was conducted on the Denver II was the gross motor. This section included 8 tasks that were tested. The infant was able to pass the chest up- arm support, roll over, pull to sit with no head lag, sit with no support and stand holding on, which are all normal developments in a 7 month infant. The infant failed pull to stand, get to sitting and stand for 2 seconds this however is normal for a 7 month infant and should be gained within a few months. The second section that was conducted on the Denver II was personal-social. This section included 7 tasks that were tested. The infant passed smile spontaneously, regard own hand and work for toy. The child scored a NO on the self-feeding task because his caregiver has not given the infant an opportunity to self-feed these are all normal developments for a 7 month infant. The infant failed play pat-a-cake, indicate wants and waves bye –bye this is normal for the infants

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