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  • Stuxnet Persuasive Speech

    United States accuses China of hacking companies, NASA operations and take total control of The New York Times (Andress, J., Winterfeld, S., & Rogers, R. 2011, p.5).. This century the best weapon is information, who ever uses it has the upper hand. On November of 2011, a group of hackers from China hacked their way in to Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and took over control of 23 space missions some of the destinations include Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. In March of 2011, the Department of Defense (DOD), revealed 24,000 documents were copied by hackers. Private companies like The New York Times, was the target of hackers after publishing an article of how wealthy, the family of the Prime Minister of China Weng Hei Bau (Andress, J., Winterfeld, S., & Rogers, R. 2011, p.65). The company…

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  • The Importance Of Hacking

    never know because, the hospital tried to keep this information under wraps. Black hats sometime hack for the good of themself. "An individual or group going by the name "thedarkoverlord" has posted much of the upcoming season of Netflix's series Orange is the New Black, apparently as punishment for not paying an extortion demand.” (Hacker leaks Orange is the New Black new season after ransom demands ignored). This hacker or hacker group is the same group that hacked the hospital stealing…

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  • Ethics Of Hacking

    Hacking as many types of different levels of ethical reasons behind why a person goes into someone else computer without their permission or password. Such as, people who are hackers and not just hacking information that they can use later, tend to do hack systems just do it for the fulfillment of entertainment and the joy in bringing those geranial population of people (pg. 231). Another example, of this people who use hacking for criminal actives because of the fact that they realize that…

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  • Hacking In Healthcare

    Introduction Hacking the Healthcare System Healthcare has the highest cyber-attacks in the industry. This is only growing. Nearly half of all health care organizations have reported criminal attacks that caused a breach in their systems (Goodman, 2015). These hackers are gaining access to the electronic health information. Identification, banking information, and pharmacies used are just some of the data that these online hackers are getting their hands on. This is costing over six billion…

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  • Evolution Of Hacking

    In the article, The evolution of hacking by Jose Pagliery stated that" The whole concept of "hacking" sprouted from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology nearly 50 years ago. Computer science students there borrowed the term from a group of a model train enthusiasts who "hacked" electric train tracks and switches in 1969 to improve performance." From this, we can see that hacking initially began with good intentions. It was evident from this statement that hacking was not meant to be…

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  • Ethical Hacking

    There is a component to these ethical hacking assignments, which requires that you look at your own beliefs, ethics and morality. In some cases you can accomplish the tasks without engaging in any form of deception, harm, or social or physical injury to the target. If you can not complete the task without offending your own ethics, then you need to state that you did not complete the task, but you really need to post how you would have done it, and discuss where the edge is between what you feel…

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  • Hacking Culture

    technology “love” and organic “love”? With a computer you may lack intimate person-to-person sex, but there is however, cybersex, which at that point, is essentially, dating a computer. 5. The structures of power are essentially the government, who designed the internet for communication, however they try to use it to keep tabs on everyone. The government uses digital surveillance, and people are constantly threatened by this feeling of never having privacy. This is why we see hacker groups,…

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  • Hacking Vs Hackers

    What do you think when you hear the word hacking and hackers? Despite what people may think, hacking isn’t always a problem. In the two articles I have read, the difference between good hackers and bad hackers is explained. “Hacking and Hackers” (Article 1) and “Good Hackers, Bad Hackers. What’s the Difference?:The Difference between Destruction and Protection” (Article 2) differentiate between length, the sources, and the examples each article provides, yet are similar in that they to the same…

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  • The Importance Of Ethical Hacking

    CHAPTER IILiterature ReviewEthical Hacking and Its Importance The word hacking is used to defined as the computer criminals. Using illegal actsand have malicious intent. Hacker is the one who doing the hacking process. Hackers usetheir skill in programming and their enjoying the work in learning the details of thecomputer systems and stretch capabilities from the system. The word cracker also belongs to the same field that also uses hacking skills for the unlawful purposes likeemail id, intrudi…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Hacking

    As claimed by Andrew Beattie “There are hackers who do good work, by hacking into sites in order to inform and help improve that person's security.” His statement shows a more positive side on the topic in this argument. Although a consensus shows that a large amount of people think of hacking as obtaining personal information illegally, not all hackers are as bad because they use their skills for testing company security and to help spread awareness of certain issues. The argument of this topic…

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