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  • Hacking Activity

    This report will look in depth at the statement of weather or not hacking is a criminal activity. Firstly, looking at the definition of computer crime and identifying the correlations and differences between traditional crime and computer crime. Similarly looking at criminal activity and what criminal activity is. Also looking at hacking and how it is defined, before finally making a final critical opinion if ‘hacking is not a criminal activity’ or not and look at the law and legal issues that outline the subject. Finally the report will conclude by discussing the findings made during the research. Computer Crime definition (205) Computer crime, also known as cybercrime happens when a crime is committed involving the use of technology such as a computer or other peripheral normally with the aid of the Internet, or a mobile device. This is different from a traditional crime, which can usually involve theft, violence or illegal distribution amongst others. As identified by Johnson (2005) “In the mid-1960s our nation experienced its first series of criminal activity in which a computer was used as an instrument to perpetrate an economic crime.” (Johnson, 2005, p.1) From here computer crime escalated rapidly with the rapid improvement of technology as indicated by Norton in their report 2012 Norton Cybercrime Report (2012) the global price tag of consumer cybercrime was $110 billion. There are still many correlations between traditional crime and computer crime, such as theft…

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  • Hacking Essay

    While hacking may be more known as a single person sitting at a computer, hacking was actually started by the United States Government in 1982, when Soviet Union gas pipeline computer software was hacked by the Central Intelligence Agency resulting in an explosion of the gas line. An article written by Alec Russell of The Telegraph stated, “After securing President Reagan 's approval in January 1982, the CIA tricked the Soviet Union into acquiring software with built-in flaws.” The installed…

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  • Difference Between Hacking And Hackers

    hear the word hacking and hackers? Despite what people may think, hacking isn’t always a problem. In the two articles I have read, the difference between good hackers and bad hackers is explained. “Hacking and Hackers” (Article 1) and “Good Hackers, Bad Hackers. What’s the Difference?:The Difference between Destruction and Protection” (Article 2) differentiate between length, the sources, and the examples each article provides, yet are similar in that they to the same central topic of hacking,…

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  • Ethical Hacking And Information Security

    field of ethical hacking with its various aspects. I. INTRODUCTION The degree of protection from any harm is referred to as Security. There is a subtle difference between security and protection, we will perceive that both of them are extremely close concepts but still not the same. Protection is assured if one has all the necessary security measures as security itself is a type of protection to all the external hazards. Information is a treasure which is immensely worthy to an organization…

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  • Computer Hacking Essay

    One of the fastest growing fields is information technology, because computers are a part of most people’s lives and businesses. A recurrent topic in the news today is computer hacking. Recently, several companies have been hacked into and customers’ digital information has been stolen. Even the government can’t seem to keep its information safe. Everyday, people’s identities are stolen because their online bank has been hacked into. Digitization, the process of making information digitally…

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  • Case Study Of Hacking The AIS

    Hacking the AIS By Helen Tewolde ACC 564 Thomas Wood Introduction This paper will discuss accounting information system attacks and failures: who to blame. I am also going to discuss the following related topics in the following order: Firstly, I will take a position on whether a company and its management team should or should not be held liable for losses sustained in a successful attack made on their AIS by outside source. Secondly, I will suggest who should pay for the losses,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Computer Hacking

    codes and hacking their way through security in different forms of technology with the knowledge of law put in place to prevent them from doing so. Computers are one of many devices that we use in being daily life styles. This type of technology most people can’t function without in their actives. Computers have been one of those things that people in general don’t really understand. Due to the fact that the type of technology that makes a computer work is a miracle in its self because…

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  • Analysis Of Hacking Disunity Of Science

    the medium by which it is observed; i.e. faults in instrumentation. Hacking sees a way around this issue through an argument by coincidence. Hacking argues that the observation can be said to be “true” – that is, true to the nature of the observed – if and only if it is verifiable by other means of seeing. If one sees the same fundamental structural features of some object A by one method of microscopy and then another and then another again, it becomes increasingly unlikely that the fundamental…

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  • Example Of Ethical Hacking

    Hacking refers to a threat that breaches computers or a network of computers to gain confidential information, harm businesses and government and make a profit. Professionals that hacks the system are known as Hackers. Hackers break into the code of the system to enter the databases of organizations such as Government agencies, businesses and individual computers to access the data and misuse it. In order to prevent oneself from getting hacked, organizations use Ethical Hacking technique in…

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  • Consequences Of Computer Hacking

    kinds of obstacles people are faced with that can lead to favorable or vicious consequences. Hacking is steadily growing as a worry for many and this is why the United States has to slow it down at any cost. With identities, financial accounts and other private information being stolen daily, people are looking towards the government for protection. Over the years the government has spent billions of dollars on protecting top secret information from cyber-attacks. These attacks have grown…

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