Evolution Of Hacking

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We live in a world where we strive for technological advancements. Over the years we have seen nothing but progression in technology; that also means a progression in knowledge. The more we learn, the more we can create. With the advancements, we see in technology today, the more society learns. Whether that be basic computer functions, browsing the web, and even using an OS program. However, other individuals seek to find out more than just those things. With the latest technology, many people learned to manipulate devices like computers, cell phones, and software. These people who decide to take advantage of the latest technology call themselves "hackers."
Now, what exactly is a "hacker?" The term computer hacker first came to be in the
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In the article, The evolution of hacking by Jose Pagliery stated that" The whole concept of "hacking" sprouted from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology nearly 50 years ago. Computer science students there borrowed the term from a group of a model train enthusiasts who "hacked" electric train tracks and switches in 1969 to improve performance." From this, we can see that hacking initially began with good intentions. It was evident from this statement that hacking was not meant to be something malicious or crime ridden, it was supposed to give off the idea that they were trying to make something …show more content…
The media has had various ideas of what a hacker is and does, and for the most part, they are right, in this current era at least. There are plenty of hacker groups today that hack many things like accounts, computers, companies, and even government agencies. These groups go by names such as Anonymous, Lizard Squad, The Level Seven Crew, and many other names. Although the media perceives these actions to be malicious these groups find these actions to be justifiable. By justifiable, we mean that these groups believe that what they are doing is good for society and good for their country. In the 10 Most Notorious Hacking Groups by Ali Raza, Raza claims that Anonymous has acted against the Pentagon and attacked Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal for refusing payments. Other than Anonymous attacking major companies they have also acted against a public group which goes by the name of ISIS. Anonymous was able to take down multiple websites belonging to ISIS. Taking down these websites became a big help to not only countries but to the people. ISIS is a terrorist group that causes fear, and in this sense, by taking down their websites, they are helping not only government agencies who were not able to take them down but the people who fear this terrorist

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