Pros And Cons Of Hacking

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I am going to take about how apple had wanted to refuse to unlock a app phone. But the FBI says that they need to unlock the phos so that they can know of there is going to be a fucher attack. But App says they will not because they had already unlock about nine phone. But the FbI had say “that there can be a fucher russon attack”.

My first reason is If apple loses it case they will plan to make a fucher upgraded app phone. And my evidence is if apple loses the case they will have to make a arms race vs the FBI. and who ever wins the case will have to do what they and say to have done. And the Arms Race is that they will have to make a device so that they now who has the most power toll that the can do.

My second reason is Apple does not want to make a software because it can fall in the ronf hand of a person. Hir his my evidence it will fall in the wrong hand of a hack then it will go down to the reason then it will be pass on. And If they do make a Soft ware the device will have to be pass on to military place and this can lead to bad thing. And is can be used for
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And my evidence is that only about 51% say that is should be unlocked and about 39% people say that they should not unlocked the phone. But the Apple company is like they should not give the software to the FBI but if they lose the case they will have to unlock the phone. But then the Apple company is have trouble with the FBI but the Apple company has some rules so that they will not unlock the phone.

I wonder if the Apple company will still make a updated phone so that the FBI will not get in people phone any more. But I hope the FBI will leave the Apple compon alone and just find some hacker to open it. But if the phone has no information on the phone then apple has wasted a lot of time. And if they do make a soft ware will they destroy it of lock it. But will Apple lose the court or will the win the Phone being

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