Apple Vs The FBI Case Study

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Many people wonder about the truth that lies within this case, Apple versus the FBI. Many say and believe that this war involves one phone and that it does not affect the people, well those people are wrong. This is bigger than a terrorist’s iPhone. This is about freedom of privacy and expression. Should the government be allowed to force a company to unlock its secrets? Apple should not have to give the FBI access to their secrets because it opens a backdoor for hackers. These Apple vs the FBI cases are subjective realities because what we believe in alters our perception of the nature of things. The FBI says that they are fighting for safety and that if we want them to protect us we have to give up some of our rights to privacy. They want to decide how much we give and to whom we are giving it to. The dispute lies within the fact that we now have limitations on expression and the freedom of privacy. The freedom of expression and privacy are protected by and only obtained in certain situations, which is contradictory because they only restrict it when the majority or enough of the population are offended. The limitations on the freedom of expression is a “universal right” that has not been directly stated. On …show more content…
Others have went so far to create a rumor that after the FBI celebrated they had spilled water on the phone proving it to be useless. I fact checked all of the sources that published something about it and majority of them had no author and were published on satire websites like the New Yorker. The ironic thing about this case is that we are all fighting for the same things. We fight for security, privacy and protection from law enforcement officers. Instead of guaranteeing those things they have created a war that could have been avoided. If not now then later, I suppose this case was an eye opener for many that followed or got a glimpse of

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