Social Security Analysis: Apple Vs. FBI

Apple Vs. FBI

In today 's generation, many adults and teenagers keep everything from contact numbers to their social security numbers on their smartphones. When customers, including criminals and terrorists purchase their smartphones, they are buying it with the assurance that not some, but all of their information and privacy will be safeguarded. The issue occurring today deals with the suspected terrorist of the San Bernardino, California on December 2, 2015 shooting involving over 30 injured people. Syed Farook, the suspected terrorist Apple IPhone is locked with a 4 digit code password and the government wants Apple to create a backdoor operating system that allows them to computerize as many passcodes they can to unlock the terrorists
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Subsequently, Apple creating a backdoor system will create a domino effect that will negatively affect not only IPhone owners, but all smartphone owners. Furthermore, according to source H “If Apple obeys the FBI’s order, it would set a dangerous precedent for the future, both brief claims…”, meaning that once Apple creates a backdoor system, the government now has proof that an alternative way to access the system is possible. Consequently, the next time an incident occurs like this but instead with a Samsung Galaxy, the precedent will mandate Samsung to also create a similar backdoor system. More importantly, according to source H, thirty two social media companies are siding with Apple on this controversy. Mindful of the possible precedent, a majority of these companies probably do not agree with the FBI because they could possibly ask these companies for the same information. In addition to this, the precedent might not seem like a big issue now, but when it begins to affect social media, and technology companies then it really would affect those who typically leave their information in the hands of …show more content…
As stated before, Apple 's best interest is to look out for their customers and the FBI has spent more time over simplifying the truth. The FBI handles their issues much more differently than Apple does, they claim that they only want one piece of software from Apple but later they will undeniably ask for more. Furthermore, according to source G, a similar case to that is the one of Lavabit, when the founder Ladar Levison had to install a pen to obtain the metadata which eventually resulted in his company shutting down. However the FBI demanded for Levison’s company encryption key, the same is likely to happen to Apple if they create the operating system. The FBI operates so they can get whatever they need from a company, whether it 's an encryption key or any additional needed information, they fail to keep in mind that these demands will deteriorate a majority of these companies customer’s privacy. In addition, the FBI has seemingly been aware that any backdoor operating system created would not only operate for this particular suspect 's IPhone. Source D, states “ Once created(backdoor operating system), the technique could be used over and over again, on any number of devices.”this means that once he FBI obtains this new IOS system, they would not have to ask for it again in another situation similar to

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