Cell Phones Annotated Bibliography

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Cell Phones: An Annotated Bibliography
The articles and studies below examine several different aspects pertaining to cell phones. In many of the studies below it can be seen that cell phones are not as private as one would think. With that said one would think that only hackers could evade your privacy true hackers are one, but Law enforcement is the biggest. Does Law Enforcement abide by the law or do they think that they are above the law. The list below compiles seven texts that are related to cell phones in regards to law enforcement and privacy.
Briana Bierschbach, 01/24/2014, Law enforcement’s use of cell-phone tracking devices gets legislative scuntiny
In this article, we are being told that “cell phone tracking devices, which are portable and can fit inside of a suitcase work by impersonating a cell tower and tricking a phone to connect to it using its own antenna.” It states that the only thing needed is for your “phone to be on, and it allows police to track the cell phone without getting a warrant from a service or provider.” Currently two law enforcement agencies in Minnesota are known to use cell phone tracking devices.
DAVIES, WADE V., and WILLIAM N. LAY. "Legislative
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Meanwhile, “Senator Al Franken wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the frequency that the Department of Justice requests the location of persons from wireless telecommunications carriers without having a

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