The Importance Of Hacking

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What do you think of when you hear the word “Hacker”? You probably think of some criminal trying to gain access to your bank account or take over your technology. The term “hacker” has gotten a bad reputation due to their portrayal by the media. The word “hacker” has been changed so much by the media that people believe all hackers are criminals and want to do harm. However, this is not the hacker's goal. The truth is hackers are people who intend on bettering the system., besides all of the stereotypical view of hackers, they try to help the world rather than harm it. A hacker describes a person who has a desire to learn about technology and experiment with it. Hackers have a technical proficiency with whatever system they are planning …show more content…
Most Black hats aren’t particularly skilled or knowledgeable when it comes to technology. Most use automated programs to hack into websites. Most of the hacks displayed by the media are performed by Black hats. “Hackers stole 500,000 patient records, including: the Child's name, Parent’s name, Social Security Number, phone numbers, and addresses” ( Hacker: Patient data of 500,000 children stolen from pediatricians). 500,000 kids identity were stolen and they would never know because, the hospital tried to keep this information under wraps. Black hats sometime hack for the good of themself. "An individual or group going by the name "thedarkoverlord" has posted much of the upcoming season of Netflix's series Orange is the New Black, apparently as punishment for not paying an extortion demand.” (Hacker leaks Orange is the New Black new season after ransom demands ignored). This hacker or hacker group is the same group that hacked the hospital stealing 500,000 kid’s information. They hacked Netflix and demanded 30 Bitcoins or $55,830.00. Netflix refused the ransom and the hackers upload the full series. The second form of “Crackers” are called Phreaks. A phreak is a type of hacker that specializes in hacking phone systems. Phreaks usually steal phone card numbers, clone phones, or on rare occasions they will upload viruses to damage or eavesdrop on the device. They access your phone usually through spam or public Wi-Fi networks you have connected to. All Crackers are aware that their actions are illegal and will try to cover up their tracks anyway they

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