Anonymouss Are Ethical

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In this paper, I will argue that the group Anonymous aren’t criminals and their actions are ethical. I will argue that this thesis is true from the utilitarianism view; they are hacking for the good of the people. Some examples I will include are Project Chanology, Hal Turner, and Operation DarkNet. I will also consider the opposing position that Anonymous are bad and unethical. I will argue that it is mistaken because of misknowledge of the operations and what Anonymous’ purpose is. Also, that hacking doesn't always mean bad and harm.
The position that I endorse says Anonymous aren’t criminals and their actions are ethical from a utilitarian view. The details of this position go as follows. First, Anonymous is a hacker group that promotes free speech, unblocks access to information, and shows corruption in the government. Second,
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Third, utilitarian is focusing on the greater good and happiness of the people in a society.
Thus, my position says that Anonymous promotes free speech and does it ethically for the greater good of the people.
There are three very strong reasons for endorsing my view. The first is Project Chanology; back in 2008 Tom Cruise publicly talked about the positives of the Scientology church. The church wanted to claim this video as theirs and have it taken down from websites. So Anonymous launched the project and posted a video talking about how it disrupted his free speech and also planned on “expelling the church from the internet” (Mercer, 2016). They posted more videos calling for protests and posted a craigslist ad called Why We Protest. The second reason is Hal Turner. Hal Turner is a radio host who is known for being a white supremacist/Neo-Nazi and his promotion of violence towards immigrants. Members named 4Chan started to mess with

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