Puberty Essay

  • The Causes Of Puberty

    Everyone goes through puberty, but everyone goes through it at different times. Puberty is the time where an adolescent goes through physical changes that bring them to sexual maturity (Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2014). Most adolescent girls have their first menstrual period at around the age of 12 ½. Breast development begins around the age of 10, and a growth spurt occurs at 12. However, many girls go through puberty at a younger age. Many factors contribute to puberty coming at an earlier age. For example, the time a female’s mother experienced menarche when she was an adolescent is usually the same time the daughter will experience it (Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2014). Sustenance, well-being, amount of physically demanding activity, weight, and absence of the father in the home life all influence puberty to begin at an earlier age. To me, the lack of a father in the home life causing earlier puberty is very peculiar. The text says it may be the cause of stress, but if a girl has never had a…

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  • Puberty Speech

    What is puberty may you ask? Puberty is a period of time when individuals reach sexual maturity, and then become capable to reproducing. This time of change in your life is something everyone goes through. During these times of hormonal and bodily change, girls begin to ponder sex, love, marriage, and maybe even children. Some even begin to feel like a totally different person, in a totally different body. Many girls become more self-conscious during this time in their lives, while others get…

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  • The Consequences Of Puberty

    Puberty is considered to be a period of transition consisting of both physiological and morphological changes when an individual becomes a fecund adult from a juvenile. All mammals undergo puberty (1) although the precise timing of this event is different for each species. Pubertal onset, in mammals, is governed by the pulsatile release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus. GnRH promotes secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) from…

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  • Sexism In Puberty Blues

    Australia seems to be blessed for producing beautiful films about real life situations fraught with meaning and mystery. The movies “Puberty Blues” and “The Year my voice broke” are of no exception. The landscape seems so realistic on the screen, and the sense of Australia's isolation does as well. The subject matter and thematic thrust of Puberty Blues is the girls’ inceptive desperation to hook into the “in-crowd”, but with a strong feminist kick. Sixteen-year-olds, Debbie Vickers and Sue…

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  • A Summary Of The Apache Puberty Ceremony

    event, the Apache Puberty Ceremony, is not just a recreation and remembrance of Apache history, but, in fact, is an active part of their culture today. For the tribe, the puberty ceremony connects lore with virtues, spirituality, and ancestry; however, observing from the outside, the ritual demonstrates something else entirely. In a rapidly advancing modern world, rituals are things often only read about in history books, religion rarely plays a role in bringing communities together,…

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  • Adolescence And Early Puberty

    The biological, psychological and social developments associated with puberty within adolescence are directly related to all other experiences and occurrences that are either triggered by or experienced simultaneously with the changes of life. The occurrence of early puberty in both boys and girls will either be a positive or negative experience, in accordance with all other human developmental stages. Conceptually, the bio-psycho-social aspects of early puberty are varied. The onset of early…

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  • Puberty And Development Essay

    “Throughout the high school years, teens develop rapidly. Each year they reach many new milestones. Their changes are obvious, not just in terms of their physical appearance, but also in their thinking and behavior,” said by Amy Morin, a teen expertise. Everyone goes through these phases sometime during their lives while maturing up and puberty, but there are many cases where some people do not go through them. It is different for females and males while going through these phases. Although,…

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  • Describe Three Signs Of Puberty In Females

    Assessment 3: Scientific article review Question 1. What are some of the signs of puberty in females? (Describe three signs of puberty). In what state of puberty was the case described by Demeestere et al (2015) e.g. pre-pubertal, pubertal or post-pubertal. How do we know this? (text book, Reference 1 & 4) Puberty in females is communally marked by the beginning of the first menarche (Putte et al., 2011, p. 548). During puberty many of the female organs begin to enlarge including the…

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  • Puberty At 10: How If Affects Girls

    In the article “Puberty at 10: How If Affects Girls” Scientist have opposite opinions about what is and what is not ordinary in reference to early puberty. There has been a steady decline in the age that children are hitting puberty specifically girls, Becky Holmes happens to be one of them. Scientist’s believe in the importance in finding the cause of early puberty because it could potentially become a health concern for the future. Early puberty not only could become a health risk but, it’s an…

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  • Examples Of Puberty In Catcher In The Rye

    Puberty. What do people think of when they hear that word? For most, flashbacks of acne, growing pains, awkward and uncomfortable bodies, and mental awakenings flow into their minds. Everyone goes through this phase, and the characteristics of maturity are prominent in the novel Catcher In The Rye. Both the protagonist, Holden, as well as his peers experience these changes. Their shoulders broaden, they grow taller, gain weight, produce more oil, smell bad, move away from their parents and turn…

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