Why Should Parents Teach Children About Puberty

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In my research about finding out why parents should teach their children about puberty and sex; I 've came to a realization that it is more important for a child 's parent to speak to them about this big change, because they would rather hear it from them instead of someone else that they do not know, or someone that is just going to tell them tales about what 's going on with their body. Although too I 've came across how children are very shy to be the ones to go up to their parents first and flat out ask them about what 's going on or what change will happen to their physical features as they start to develop and grow more. The following paragraphs will be expressing how and why it is more important for adults to sit down and express how important puberty is or the sexual thoughts that will soon come to an adolescents mind.

Everyone goes through a stage in life where their body starts to develop and their hairs on their body start to grow thicker and faster. This stage is called Puberty. Not every kid is willing enough to speak to their parents or an older adult about puberty or even sex when it comes to mind. But it should be a parents main focus to teach their children about this stage and the thoughts
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It is more important for adults to really express the importance of puberty and sex, due to the fact that someone else can put false information into the adolescents head and make them believe total opposite things from the real truth. Learn how to be open and supportive of puberty with your child. Always let them know that they can trust you with things that they think they can not. Your child will doubt a lot of things that come to their mind but that is when you come in and be supportive of any decision that they 're thinking of making. Never put them down about something that they tell you, because already they 're not too comfortable with even allowing you to know of the things that are changing within

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