Puberty And Development

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“Throughout the high school years, teens develop rapidly. Each year they reach many new milestones. Their changes are obvious, not just in terms of their physical appearance, but also in their thinking and behavior,” said by Amy Morin, a teen expertise. Everyone goes through these phases sometime during their lives while maturing up and puberty, but there are many cases where some people do not go through them. It is different for females and males while going through these phases. Although, this doesn’t mean that everyone is going to go through puberty and development and have the same exact experiences. On the contrary, everyone will have different experiences, some good ones, some bad ones and some okay ones. Even if you had bad experiences …show more content…
In this phase the teens continue to grow apart from the family and more into friendships with their peers. Also, during this stage is where both sexes start believing and wanting love, meaning they start to look for a partner. This is why parents should talk with their kids the “sex talk,” it might be embarrassing, but it will be worth it when your child is safe.
Following that is cognitive growth. In this phase your teen continues to grow and starts trying to act like an adult. He or she may start thinking a little better that the world does not revolve around, which is a good mindset but they have not fully understand that. They also might start wanting to try new things which could be good or bad things, that is why parents should get in involved, to guide their children to the right path. The last phase where the teen grows is emotionally. In this phase teens start to feel attracted towards the opposite sex. They might also want more freedom and you should give them a little more freedom while they are keeping up with their responsibilities. They might also feel the need to tell their parents that they are embarrassed to be with them, so do not get offended because it is normal, but if they go too far tell them that you still have
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During this time, they should be seniors and about to graduate if they have not already. This is the moment where parents might be sad and proud all at the same time. Sad because their child now is in their first year of being adults, and proud because they raised the child successfully and because of their child’s accomplishments. Teens will go through the last phases of their growth. In this phase they will finish growing physically. The girls had already finished growing before when they were 16 and 17, but now the boys have reached the final stop as well. This means they will not grow any more. The second phase is social. If the teen has become out going and not shy then that is good because in the real world, you should not depend on anybody else to say the things for you. If they are reserved then they should start to get out of their shells because knowing how to communicate efficiency is a very important skill many people should know how to

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