Claireece Precious Jones And The Middle Adolescence Stages Of Development

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Claireece Precious Jones is a 16-year-old female client. Based on just her age, she is considered to be in the Middle Adolescence stage of development.
During this phase of development, Teens become more self-involved, they become concerned with appearance and their body, they can develop lower opinions of the parents as they withdraw from them and try to institute their own independence. They will often Seek privacy and time alone as well. During middle adolescence, their intellectual interests become more important, and they become more concerned about sexual attraction, develop differing feelings toward opposite sex, and they start to have feelings of love and passion. During this time, they also begin to set goals, select role models and
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His research was more focused on the reasons children develop certain moral reasoning’s and how these change throughout childhood into adulthood. Kohlberg had six stages to theory on moral development, and Precious would fall into the second stage, which is called Conventional Morality. During this phase, Interpersonal relationships are important, and the focus is living up to social expectations and roles. Conformity and fitting in influence relationships as well. Maintaining social order is also considered, and when making judgements the focus is on following the rules and respecting authority. (About Health, 2014) Precious has had a lot of negative influence in her live thus far, but I do feel that her moral development is on target with Kohlberg’s theory. She knows that she should finish school and be a good mother to her children. While she does become aggravated with authority at times, she can be respectful and follow the rules and guidelines. She also feels guilt when forced to lie by her mother, which also shows she has reasonable morals and thoughts as …show more content…
Bronfenbrenner theorized that Understanding the individual is a complex process and that to understand the child, one must examine the environment in which the child lives, including the home, school, community, culture, and so forth. (Burns, 2015) These are better known as the Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem and Macrosystem. For Precious, her Microsystem would be her immediate family, such as her mother, father and her children. The schools she attends would also fit into this as well. Since Precious has been subjected to various types of abuse, neglected and not given the right support or encouragement, it has had an ill effect on her development. The Mesosystem for Precious would involve how her family, is involved in her life, such as her education and outside activities. Precious unfortunately did not have this involvement, as her mother believed education was worthless, and her father’s only involvement was through the incestual sexual relationship he had with her. Precious’ growth has been severely hindered because of this. The Exosystem for Precious would involve Social services, the crime and drug infested neighborhood she lives in, and her Grandmother who is the primary caregiver for her daughter Mongo. These impact her because she and her mother are very involved with Welfare and the social services department, and they are dependent on this for their daily living. The poor neighborhood also has

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