Puberty Speech

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What is puberty may you ask? Puberty is a period of time when individuals reach sexual maturity, and then become capable to reproducing. This time of change in your life is something everyone goes through. During these times of hormonal and bodily change, girls begin to ponder sex, love, marriage, and maybe even children. Some even begin to feel like a totally different person, in a totally different body. Many girls become more self-conscious during this time in their lives, while others get very positive vibes from this and start to flaunt their bodies so to speak. This change effects people differently. For example: Some males who go through this change often see it as the step they need to overcome to become a man. On the other hand, some girls see this change as scary. Some do not even seem to let this huge change effect their everyday lives. Whereas, others seem to let it impact them a massive amount. During this time, some girls go through large amounts of depression. In this paper I am writing, I will inform you on many different things about puberty. I will tell you about my experiences and …show more content…
Some say that the males going through puberty seem to be effected way more than females. I am a female, and I feel like when I went through the beginning of puberty, not only was I scared, I felt horrible and did not want to do anything! I just laid on the couch or stayed in the shower. I had horrible cramps and I had a large amount of anxiety attacks. I was always so scared that I would start my period while I was at school and everyone would know. Now that I am older and see that puberty IS something that everybody goes through, I do not understand why I stressed so much over it. Puberty is something that is 100% normal and I believe that schools should educate the kids more. I feel like it would help them learn more about their

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