Transitions From Middle School To High School Essay

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Transitioning from middle school to high school is scary enough, not to mention finding out that your best friends won’t be attending that same school adds a little pressure on a pre-teen who, for the most part is really shy. When I first started high school I had a cousin who was a year older than me, she showed me around school and I ended up hanging out with her and her friends for a few months. Then she introduced me to some of her newer friends who were in the same grade as me. They were nice people and they got me through the first year of high school, but I never felt like I belonged to “their group”. These “friends” I had as a freshman were considered the “bad kids” they were into alcohol and drug use, which wasn’t me.
Once sophomore year came and I was still hanging out with the same group of people that I didn’t feel too comfortable around. Luckily my cousin who was a sophomore at a different high school transferred into the high school I was attending. He and I were very close therefore, when he tried out for the football team that’s when I left my first clique to hang out with his group of friend which were considered the jocks. Oddly enough that’s when I met my best friend, she was a cheerleader, and convinced me to try out for the junior varsity cheer team. Considering how shy I was at the time, my mom thought it would be a great idea
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Erikson’s adolescence stage accurately describes my situation throughout high school. I depended on my friends to lead me to who I was. Although I loved cheerleading, I also wanted to show my athleticism, hence trying out for different sports that my friends have done. Reflecting back on my high school years I do realize I depended on my friends to lead me to who I was as an individual. It wasn’t until after high school I started to find the balance between the ego identity and role

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