Mcdonald's By Dorothy Manners Analysis

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B. This article is an interview by Dorothy Manners about Wallace McDonald. He discusses what he has learned from women about how they dress, attract men, and how they might act when in love. This article was considered to be this issues heavy-hitting article. It was featured on the cover and was teased in the previous issue. It appears that the people behind Picture Play really wanted this article to be the focus. Not only was it an interview with a famous male lead. It also featured a topic any female audience would love to read. It even says so in the tag: “Every feminine fan will be interested in what Wallace McDonald learned about women…for his revelations contain many points on how to attract the male of the species” (Manners, 18). The author, though, condescends McDonald’s every point. She wants to prove him wrong, and the magazine loves it. The article features a photo of …show more content…
Manners’ article is very heavily driven toward females as it says in the tagline. The article itself is almost like an advice column with arguing mentors. One writes magazine articles, and the other is a celebrity for whom girls get emotional. The celebrity gives sensational advice that only the highest class could follow, like that “all brunettes should live in Europe until well seasoned” (18), while the writer is looking out for the middle-class girls. In reply to his statement, she says, “With the steamship rates to Europe what they are, there was nothing for the average girl in that one” (18). She is trying to find reasonable advice that anyone can follow no matter their class, so she is regularly trying to guide him toward some advice that transcends class. The female fans not only look up to McDonald. They look up to the ladies that he stars with in films. They want to be like the female stars, but they may not know which characteristics they may try to emulate. Manners guides him through the list of women he mentions early on so that there is something that every girl can

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