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  • Lgbtq Community

    When I think of mainstream society regarding a particular community that may differ from mainstream society, the one group that comes to my mind is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ). Gould and Moe (2015) have researched quite exstensively the LGBTQ movement in Serbia. Through their research, it has been shown that the LGBTQ community seeks the same purpose as most other groups, acceptance and equal rights. Through their movement, a new religious sector known as the Unitarian Universalist Association was born. I wish to explore how the community came about and how the group’s choices and actions are consistent with ethical relativism. The LGBTQ movement began to emerge in the late eighteenth and nineteenth century in Europe when same sex sexual behavior and cross-dressing was deemed morally unacceptable. In my mind, how could it be morally unacceptable when this is the time period of cross-dressing in William Shakespeare’s plays, as they would not allow women…

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  • Lgbtq Community Reflection

    On March 31, 2016, I had attended the Not Deviant: LGBT Experiences in Mental Health Care discussion panel. The panel was informative about the LGBTQ community and their dealings with the health care system and professionals and just people in general. A health care providers becomes knowledgeable once they receive and educated themselves about the LGBTQ community and the issues they face. From this point, the health care providers can become more compassionate with their patients. Negative…

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  • LGBTQ Community Analysis

    now encounter. As a counselor, becoming educated with culturally relevant information is vital in the treatment of LGBTQ individuals with addictions. Processing this informative information demands you to question how you feel about working with the LGBTQ community. It has caused me to examine my own biases and reflect on how it would be working with a client whose sexual values and behaviors differ drastically from my own. Would my values affect my work with them? A very strong statement and…

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  • Society's Role In The LGBTQ Community

    Health Issues of the LGBTQ Community Society’s Role in Helping with Those Issues Cali Spilker HEDU 5300-002 Introduction The LGBTQ community has been around in the world for longer than most people know. Many might assume identifying as a gender other than male or female or having a sexuality other than heterosexual is a new thing, but it is in fact something that has been around for years. Native Americans had the ideology in their community and accepted it for years until European…

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  • LGBTQ Community Legal Analysis

    The importance of the protection and equality of the LGBTQ community has come to the forefront in not only the country, but in our own school systems over the past few years. The rights and protections of these individuals began to increase under laws created by the Obama Administration. However, the new Trump administration has began to threaten these rights by taking back the protection of transgender students by revoking their right to use restrooms that match their gender identity. The Trump…

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  • Gender Stereotypes Of The LGBTQ + Community

    Article In today’s day and age, the idea of being “not heterosexual” has become less taboo and more accepted. People of the LGBTQ+ community are able to live their lives easier and freer than ever before, or, one would think. However, almost the exact opposite exists in the younger LGBTQ+ community. Due to more acceptance of non-cis genders and non-heterosexual persons, society anticipated the suicide rates of the younger LGBTQ+ community to decrease; unfortunately, the statistics prove an…

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  • Gay Marriage And Discrimination In The LGBTQ Community

    Even though gay marriage is legal throughout the entire country, it does not change the fact that discrimination in the LGBTQ community still happens everyday. People who discriminate against those in LGBTQ community should have harsher punishments put against them. To some people this may sound insane, that in 2016 gay people are still be looked down upon, but today I am here to show you some major examples of what goes on everyday right here in our country. Denial of service, suicide rates…

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  • Sex Reassignment Surgery In The LGBTQ Community

    Sex reassignment surgery is any surgical procedure by which a transgender person's physical appearance and function of their existing characteristics are altered to resemble that of their identified gender. To even be considered to do the surgery people would have to dress, live and go under a psychiatric evaluation. The purpose of this is to make sure and be certain whether surgery is the best choice for whomever. Although sex reassignment surgery and transgender people are becoming a more of a…

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  • Reflective Essay: Being Part Of The Lgbtq Community

    part of the lgbtq community. As time went on I trended towards music, art, literature, almost anything as long as I felt accepted or represented. I became more political as it became clear that more people than I could have imagined would like to take away my basic rights or the rights of those in my community. I could not understand how others were not keeping up in the realm of politics, why they were not as loud as me when it came to the same issues. Then, just before Thanksgiving last year I…

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  • Essay On Community Health Issues

    minority based communities, such as South Los Angeles. The concentration of poverty creates many barriers to health for the people that inhabit these communities by cutting off their communication with community resources and supporters that could yield beneficial outcomes. Sadly, a loss in communication with external supporters of urban health makes it extremely difficult for those with limited resources (e.g., lack of information, low income) to obtain the healthcare they desperately need.…

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