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  • Should Animals Be Used For Entertainment

    author, and poet once said, “The animals of this world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites.” Animals were not put on this earth to live in a cage, suffer, and be torn from their families and habitat, rather to live freely and happily in the wild. Whether they be in movies, zoos, circuses, or bullfighting rings, many animals are used as sources of entertainment for humans. Many times, however, these animals are mistreated, and the workers around the animals are also in danger of being hurt. On account of this, animals should not be used for entertainment purposes because, often, the animals are abused, workers’ lives are put at risk by being around them, and the animals do not live as long in captivity. Whether it be in zoos, circuses, movies, or bullfighting rings, there are many cases in which animals are beaten and abused by workers, staff members, and entertainers. Surely, the well-being and safety of the animal should be protected because they don’t deserve to endure suffering, pain, or fear. In some circuses, elephants are torn from their mothers at a young age and, “repeatedly beaten and intimidated into doing whatever their trainers wanted, no matter how much it hurt” (Bekhechi). Not only are trainers beating the animals, but they are changing the animal’s life in a devastating way. These poor, defenseless animals are unable to grow up…

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  • Animal Entertainment Research Paper

    English 102 14 September 2017 Animals in Circuses: The Fight to Put them Back Where They Belong The use of animals as entertainment for people is not a modern idea. Records of animals used in entertainment date as far back as 2,000 B.C.E., when lions and similar animals were kept in cages. The Romans were known for chariot races often ending in the death of the horses, and coliseum fights between people and large animals such as lions (Dragotta), all of which people flocked to see. Dog fighting,…

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  • Controversy: The Use Of Animals In Entertainment

    Could you imagine being an animal held captive away from your natural habitat and away from your family for the use entertainment. Well this really happens to animals that are being used for entertainment. After recent proposal it has become a popular controversial topic. This controversy is discussed in an article , “The Use of Animals in Entertainment,” an article, “ Jump to It,” and a video, “Should Animals Be Used as Entertainment”. While the author presented their argument to the same…

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  • Should Animals Be Used As Entertainment

    sources ask that should animals be used for entertainment purposes? “The Use of Animals in Entertainment” and “Should Animals Be Used as Entertainment?” both show that animals should not be used as entertainment while “Jump to It!” believes that animals should be used for entertainment. Among these sources, all show the use of rhetorical devices. One similarity is in “Jump to It!”, the author has a constant use of ethos. According to “Jump to It!”, “We’ll jump frogs about 4,000 times, about a…

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  • Controversy: Should Animals Be Used As Entertainment

    Doesn't everybody love going to circuses? Well if people knew about all the animals that got abused maybe they would change their mind. Well not every circus abuses animals but a large majority does. This has made people wonder if animals should continue to be used for entertainment. This controversy was discussed in a article “Should Animals Be Used As Entertainment” an article, “Jump to It” and other article, “The Use Of Animals In Entertainment.” There are some similarities and differences…

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  • Should Animals Be Used As Entertainment Analysis

    In Both articles “The Use Of Animals In Entertainment”, and “ Jump Into It”. The video “ Should Animals Be Used As Entertainment?” In both text it states that they should not be used and shows to keep people entertained. In all the text and the video they both have similarities and they have differences. In the passage “ The Use of Animals In the Entertainment” and the passage “ Jump To It” they both have some things that are the same. On thing that is the same is that they are both fun to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Animals In Entertainment

    Animals have existed as a part of the circus since long time ago. Circus is one of the place where these innocent animals are treated brutally and unwell, but people did not realize this and they are continually going to circus to feel entertained until today. The audience did not know that this innocent animals are mistreated behind the screen. Animals are not made for humans and it exist in the world for its own reasons (Alice Walker, n.d). Forcing animals to perform in circuses is an example…

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  • Unfair Use Of Animals In Entertainment Industry Essay

    Thousands of cases of animal abuse are filed each year, but less than a quarter of them lead to convictions (Friedman 34). Many of these cases filed are due to the use of animals in entertainment. Today, places like zoos, circuses, bull fights, horse races, and others use animals as amusement. These entertainment industries thrive on well trained and compliant animals, which is difficult to achieve. Trainers then use punishment and cruelty to train and care for those animals. Entertainment…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Should Animals Be Used As Entertainment?

    Can shows and skits seem magical, without the help of animals? This became a controversial topic after authors explained the negativity of the subject. The topic was discussed in a video, “Should Animals Be Used as Entertainment?” an article, “The Use Of Animals in Entertainment,” and another article, “Jump to It!” Although the authors had similar approaches and techniques to present their arguments, there were also several differences among the sources. All three sources showed their argument…

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  • The Influence Of Television And Its Impact On Society

    news is live it give you full access to events that goes on in the world. Another thing we can watch is discovery channel. The channel help viewer knows about animal all around a world. Discovery channel also provides the viewers the chance to learn about how animal survive on a daily basics. Discovery channel loves giving out information on lion, tigers, alligators, sharks, and monkeys. They’re also have other shows that on the discovery channel that focus on capturing in-danger animals and the…

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