The Importance Of Animals In The Circus

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Animals have existed as a part of the circus since long time ago. Circus is one of the place where these innocent animals are treated brutally and unwell, but people did not realize this and they are continually going to circus to feel entertained until today. The audience did not know that this innocent animals are mistreated behind the screen. Animals are not made for humans and it exist in the world for its own reasons (Alice Walker, n.d). Forcing animals to perform in circuses is an example of animal brutality. Furthermore, one of the most endangered species, elephants were taken away from its territory and enforced it to do hard tricks for human’s entertainment. This kind of cruel and inhumane activities makes this innocent animals to …show more content…
The animals must be caged and have to travel very long distance until the people will find a suitable place for the circus to occur. Before reach the destination, the animals will face some critical problems such as shortage of food and water and this may lead to unhealthy life of the animals which cause them to perform poorly. Most of the animals will be out of the cages for a short period of time. Furthermore, the size of the cages are not enough for some animals so, they may stay in one position in the cage without moving. We can judge a person whether the person is good or not by notice their behavior towards animals (Immanuel Kant, n.d). On holidays, the house of the animals will be traveling crates or storehouse shops. This never-ending confinement has many negative impacts on animals such as striding and swaying. During the performance, the trainers will have the cruel devices such as belt, bull hooks and electric cords as a recap for the animals and this pressures the animals to do the hard tricks which they did not feel contented. This do not make people to feel anything about the animals but it makes the animals to pretend unusual. In conclusion, distance and new destinations may lead to health problems on animals which cannot make them to perform well so, animals performing in circuses must be

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