Arming teachers with guns Essay

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  • Essay On Arming Teachers

    Is Arming Teachers an Ideal Way to Protect Students? Providing teachers and school staff with weapons is not efficient, instead schools should invest using the money on professional school public safety officials like school resource officers. Teachers will have a significant responsibility when handling the gun, which they should not worry about. Arming teachers and school staff and training them on learning how to handle the gun will not make them qualified to provide safety for a school full of students. This says that schools have more trust in teachers that are newly trained than highly trained police and officers. Police officers train their entire career to be prepared for dangerous situations unlike teachers who came to school to teach. Arming teachers with guns will cost a lot of money so it can affect the budget of what the schools buy. Guns can cost the school a lot of money by providing many teachers with guns. As with the price of guns, the teachers also need to get training on guns which will cost more. A…

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  • Guns In School Research Paper

    Arming Teachers Puts Students at Risk “I want less guns in schools, not more” (April Griffin, School Board Chairman of Hillsborough Schools, found in the article “EDUCATORS: WE DON’T WANT TO BE ARMED; Administrators and teachers strongly oppose the idea that they need guns in class” in the Tampa Bay Times written by Times staff writer Ben Montgomery). Because of the dramatic increase in school shootings since the Columbine High School attacks, America is faced with the dilemma of whether or…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Bans In Our Schools

    you’ve been brought up to respect weapons and educated on the proper use of a firearm, it is hard to imagine how or why people do the things they do with guns. It is also hard to take a side on gun control or how we are going to fix this problem. On one hand, stricter gun laws could make it harder to do the thing I love doing. But, on the other hand I would feel safer while trying to receive an education at school. To be honest, guns aren’t going anywhere. With our second amendment rights it…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Safety

    average of one a week, according to data compiled by Mass Shooting Tracker.” According to Everytown a site for Gun Safety “there have been at least 94 gun-related deaths and more than 156 people injured”. This needs to stop and there is a solution. The solution would be to arm our teachers with guns and give them training on what to do in a shooter scenario.The teachers will not just be handed a gun and told “shoot the bad guy” the teacher will have to attend trainings consistently and…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In Schools

    of 2014, a teacher who was partaking in the opportunity to Conceal and Carry on school grounds shot herself in the leg. No one was injured except for her, but next time how can we be sure? In today’s society, guns are the center of controversy. If guns are being argued that they shouldn’t be legal in any setting, why would we promote them in an educational setting with the youth and future of America at risk every day? That is why we negate the resolution that teachers should have the right to…

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  • Arming Teachers Research Paper

    Arming Teachers: Protecting America’s Assets December 14, 2012 marks a day when America was shocked by the unexpected crime that took place on our own back porch. Twenty year old Adam Lanza made his way onto the Sandy Hook Elementary School campus and began to open fire on teachers and students, murdering 26 people total. According to a website that focuses on gun safety called “everytownresearch”, there have been 176 school shootings in America since the Newtown massacre. A question I have is…

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  • The Importance Of Arming Teachers

    With the increase of schools considering arming teachers as protection, prices are likely to pose an issue. According to Scott Whitman, an administrator at Jackson County School district looking into arming teachers in his school, said the cost would be the greatest factor. To arm and train ten teacher would easily exceed $25,000 a year, which both administrators and tax payers believe is an unneeded expense. To add to the already large expense, many teachers will ask to make a higher wage…

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  • Gun Control: Summary About Their Children In Schools

    Gun control What is the number one reason that parents worry about their children in schools? The reason is the increased numbers of school shootings across the United States. The school shootings happen almost twice a week during last year which often end with the killer shoot and kill about a dozen of school students before the shooter were killed by the police's lethal force. The result can be damage families, community, and friends. In order to stop the school shootings in the USA, the…

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  • Arming Guards In Schools Essay

    Arming Teachers and Faculty in Public Schools Introduction to the Issue Around the United States, the safety of students in the public school system is becoming unsure. School shootings are occurring at an alarmingly rising rate, and each day, the lives of students are further at risk. After recent incidents, school districts were faced with one question concerning the safety of school-goers: How can school shootings be prevented? This question posed a solution of using a concealed-carry method…

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  • Essay On Gun Violence In Schools

    cannot turn to something as dangerous as guns on school property it would create an even bigger problem. They had a buzz-in system at Sandy Hook, but it did them no good at all, the guy shot his way in. School-associated student homicide rates decreased significantly after the federal laws restricting guns in schools were adopted in the early 1990s, and fewer students are carrying guns. Proposals offered by the gun lobby to repeal the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act and arm teachers as a…

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