Arming teachers with guns Essay

  • Arming Teachers Research Paper

    Arming Teachers: Protecting America’s Assets December 14, 2012 marks a day when America was shocked by the unexpected crime that took place on our own back porch. Twenty year old Adam Lanza made his way onto the Sandy Hook Elementary School campus and began to open fire on teachers and students, murdering 26 people total. According to a website that focuses on gun safety called “everytownresearch”, there have been 176 school shootings in America since the Newtown massacre. A question I have is could situations like Newton be avoided if teachers were armed and trained to use a firearms? The way I see it, students in America are our future leaders, so shouldn’t we want to protect them at all cost? I strongly believe that incorporating a new policy that gets rid of “gun free zones” and allows teachers to carry a concealed firearm on campus is a necessary action that needs to take place. And in doing so, we would be creating a safe atmosphere for our students, and a solution to potential incidents involving violent crimes. After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, the National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said, "You know, five years ago after the Virginia Tech tragedy, when I said we should put armed security in every school, the media called me crazy," LaPierre went on to say, "But what if--what if when Adam Lanza started shooting his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School, he 'd been confronted by qualified armed security? Will you at least admit it 's…

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  • Gun Violence In School Shootings

    Introduction At the time of this writing, there has been 144 school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre. School shootings are becoming an all too-often occurrence and society members are no longer shocked when it happens. It has become a norm in the United States. However, if we were to ask the parents of those lost kindergarteners if this is a problem that needs to be immediately addressed, I am certain they would scream ‘yes’ from the top of their lungs. If I, a middle school teacher,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On War On Guns

    War on Guns There is not a year that goes by without an innocent life taken by gun violence within the United States. Each year we constantly argue the idea of whether we should ban guns or reinforce tighter restrictions on guns, especially with the NRA (National Riffle Association). Often as usual we never ensure a decision and the topic slips up again when another instance occurs. Many has brought up ideas such as securing our schools with the same weapons that we are fighting to ban. Arming…

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  • Should Police Be Armed Essay

    Police be Armed? In a world full of violence and armed criminals, instinctively it seems right that the ultimate means of law and order in a country - the police force - is armed. The logic appears to work: if the police are armed, criminals - afraid of being shot - are far less likely to commit crimes. Indeed, in countries in which the police aren 't armed, gun crime has doubled over the last decade as has the number of people killed and injured by guns. Add to this the increased likelihood of…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Guns In Schools

    Do We Blame the Gun or the Person Behind It? When a parent sends their child to school, they trust in the district to insure their safety. Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that the school your child attends every day was ready for whatever came their way? According to New York Times writer Kim Severson, The number of schools who allow their teachers to carry guns as a use of protection is at a continuous rise, and almost impossible to figure out the exact number. The use of guns in schools is…

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  • The Importance Of Arming Teachers In Schools

    Arming teachers and staff in public schools is an agreeable, but yet also a destructive way of keeping themselves and the students safe. Teachers and other staff members can leave their gun in their desk and any student can access their desk if that teacher leaves their classroom even for a split second. If a student does this then they may not know about gun safety and or how to use it. This could turn into a harmful situation. If we arm teachers do the school boards have the policies and…

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  • Importance Of Teachers Should Be Allowed To Conceal Weapons

    Teachers Should be Allowed to Conceal Weapons. How many more students have to be killed in school shootings before teachers are allowed an advantage in protecting the kids they are responsible for? Criminals that shoot up schools are cowards and have no common regard for human life. Gun control is an overwhelming debate in this day and age, people believe that guns kill people when in reality it is people that kill people. People are so afraid of guns that they take them out of the hands of…

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  • The Second Amendment, Perceptions Of Guns On Campus

    The studys looked at what the law is regarding the second amendment, perceptions of guns on campus, and varying legislation regarding guns. The second amendment is important to understand, because that piece of the constitution is about gun ownership. Perceptions of guns include local politicians, faculty including students, and Presidents of various campuses. The legislation also includes response to tragedy’s along with issues that arise from them. The right to bear arms on…

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  • Gun Control In Schools Essay

    Gun control in the United States ranks as one of the biggest domestic issues today. The issue of whether citizens can own guns or whether they cannot own guns causes debates every day. Gun violence continues to rise in public places. Large cities see more gun violence than anywhere else in the United States. Part of the violence in large cities happens in schools. People can only describe school shootings as terrible events. Some people believe if teachers or school officials could carry guns it…

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  • The Importance Of Security In Schools

    protected then they will learn to associate these things with being safe. I propose there should be more security in schools and educational classes about gun violence. This will be shown throughout my paper by providing the importance of school safety and how each one of these ways will benefit students and their achievement. Having more security in schools and educating students about guns and violence is important because it can prevent future school shootings, countless victims, and…

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