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  • Children In Low Income Working Families

    they will do homework, play, and have meals on their own. According to “Working Families and Growing Kids” of Smolensky, Eugene and other authors show the reader that “Self-care is less common among families below or near the poverty line, and it becomes more common as hours of parental employment increase”. And the unsupervised conditions may be conductive to loneliness and boredom, as well as to engage in health- compromising behaviors. Another problem of children in low-income working families is that they often have a part time job earlier than children in middle class. Children in working poor families do not accept an excellent care from their families, according to a survey of “Working Families and Growing Kids” 8 percent of low-income children compared with 15 percent of high-income children. So that will be the result of having early part-time jobs of children in working poor families. The consequences of working in early-age are that they don’t have time to care themselves, don’t have time to focus on studying and they will be usually tired when they are at school. Therefore, child care will be one of the important issues of parents in low-income working families. Another problem of children in low-income working families is that education. Most children in working families are studying in public school. Public school is a school that is maintained at public expense for the education of the children of a community or district and that constitutes a part of a system…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Poverty

    Cognitive capacity is not just a matter of genetics, it is strongly influenced by external factors such as prenatal drug use, poor nutrition, and exposure to stress and violence which are all more prevalent in low-income households, and affect cognitive development from the prenatal stage through adulthood (Birdsong, 2016). This means that even before children of poverty stricken families are birthed into this world they are at a disadvantage. Poverty can negatively affect children’s cognitive…

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  • Critical Analysis Of The Working Poor By David K. Shipler

    Working Poor” Although, I disagree with critic Katherine Newman of “The Wages of Fear” and Kathleen Courrier of “Ain’t it Hard?” who both argue that the conclusions on poverty in “The Working Poor” by David K. Shipler is imitative to other experts as well as derelict on certain solutions. I also agree with both the critics who find Shipler’s perspective of living in poverty insightful and pragmatic on the stigma that follows the lower working-class. Therefore, the incisive critics argument of…

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  • How Do Loans Cause Poverty

    they also tend to invest on military, police, have strict laws, harsh punishments and be dictatorships that promote the vile, uncouth and greed filled government Just from greed for they believe that money controls everything and that people 's lives are worthless or that they aren’t necessarily people for they own little money the greed can be fatal that the people enter mass poverties that kill hundreds to millions, inducing mass starvations and causing similar effects as the Great Depression…

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  • Lullabies For Little Criminals: Analysis

    impoverished leads Baby’s developmental experiences to be compromised, limiting her to the exposure of some of the world’s harsh realities. Socioeconomic status is a social determinant of health that greatly impacts social support networks in the novel. Having a low income inevitably puts pressure on relationships, thus affecting family capabilities, health and overall living conditions throughout a person’s day-to-day life. Children raised into low income families, are commonly faced with…

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  • Slumdog Millionaire Movie Analysis

    place. For many, the only way to visualize poverty is through films, such as Lion and Slumdog Millionaire. These in particular focus on the severe predicaments in India regarding wealth and the lack thereof. These films shine light on the major issues which can be sensitive material to some, but it is necessary for people to see and understand them. Poverty throughout India is portrayed similarly in the films, Slumdog Millionaire and Lion by depicting the lives of poor families, the children’s…

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  • Elizabethan Poor Law Analysis

    Britain underwent considerable change in terms of how society was being cared for and thus the poor became a vital focus point. Because of the drastically increasing numbers of poverty stricken individuals the Elizabethan Poor law of 1601 was created and enacted. In this paper we will be examining three major aspects of this law. First, what social problems caused a need for this legislation? Second, who was it designed to help, and what was the goals that it intended to accomplish? And third,…

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  • Poverty In Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel And Dimed

    important for poverty but often do not have enough traction to accomplish what they are set out for. Despite the best efforts surrounding American social welfare policies in most cases they seem to be punishing the poor more than they are helping them. In many cases, poverty is still being looked at as being an individual’s fault because of their actions or believed lack of actions. The concept of working hard to achieve greatness is still something that is prevalent. Ehrenreich’s experience…

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  • What Is The Biggest Problem In The Third World

    consequences of having a poor hygiene if not practiced regularly. From the website Wash your hands an article entitled “Consequences of poor hand hygiene and the importance of hand washing”, states that some diseases that people may get are Campylobacter, Salmonella, MRSA, Flu, and Impetigo. Campylobacter is found in the gut of animal and causes of food poising and gastro-enteritis. Salmonella is a food poising that resulted from touching or eating contaminated foods. Blood poisoning, infections…

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  • Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel By Leonard Pitts Analysis

    they are very poor and they have a history for having political instability. Another thing that Leonard states about how the earth is cruel is how the bad weather will always hit the places that have less money or don’t have stability in their society. In the article Sometimes the Earth is Cruel by Leonard Pitts states how after…

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