Poverty In Southeast Asia

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In Southeast Asia a majority of people can barely afford 3 meals a day. In countries such as Cambodia people can work for hours and hours just to be barely paid. People can save their money in banks only to find them empty and others must experience through immense poverty since their government contains an immense lust for money and power. A plethora of causes of poverty exists in our world and people loathe them.

Loans commonly and predominant cause poverty , whether they are student loans or bank loans for houses, to escape debt or out of poverty. A person gives a Loan (a certain amount of money) to a person and the person who receives the money pays back a percentage of the received money every month, week or year. Loans require to
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They will also introduce lethal force to subdue his or her subjects, they will rid the people of transportation methods secure health care horrid education no internet or access to the outside world. They will create stuff that varies from directed vids to false letters or deleting just to appear innocent and weak to neighboring countries they also tend to invest on military, police, have strict laws, harsh punishments and be dictatorships that promote the vile, uncouth and greed filled government Just from greed for they believe that money controls everything and that people 's lives are worthless or that they aren’t necessarily people for they own little money the greed can be fatal that the people enter mass poverties that kill hundreds to millions, inducing mass starvations and causing similar effects as the Great Depression or worse. These situations are not as common as they used to be in the past corrupt leaders were on the rage, even killing to ascend to power.

In conclusion, the major causes of poverty include loans (student, house or farm) and being born into a poor family whilst the popular causes of poverty include uncouth, corrupt and greed filled governments. Poverty has and always will haunt people, it started at the beginning of money and will stay until the end. Flaws in society cause poverty not nature, instead poverty’s cause comes from the flaws of the past and the present and greed caused by the flaws of

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