Exemplification Essay: The Impact Of Poverty On Children

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Many people in poverty cannot afford the luxuries that the middle and upper class have. They struggle to provide food and water, clean clothes, healthcare, money, and a place to live. Many people in poverty tend to live in poor conditions such as in a broken down home or even on the streets. Poverty makes it easy to spread bad sanitation and cause diseases. Children in poverty build up an antisocial behavior because of a psychological protection against the hostile environment. Discrimination push them to be more aggressive and less self-control. Some children grow up without a parent there to support them, which can lead to serious psychological issues. By the time they reach adulthood, it will be hard for them to be hired for good paying jobs if they do not have good education. Women in poverty become segregated, have limited access to education, and cannot work. This can have a big impact on their children’s life and education. There is also a big impact on health. People tend to have much …show more content…
One reason is that poverty leads to desperation and some people do certain things that would lead them into trouble. An example is becoming a criminal and stealing from stores. Parents try to sneak away with food and clothes to help provide for their children. Helping the poor escape poverty can help raise the incomes of the world. Another reason is that the poor are susceptible to illnesses and health problems. If they have a serious illness, it can spread to other communities and rural areas which can affect many others that may or may not be in poverty. A third reason is that the poor are desperate to leave their area, legally or illegally, to find a better place to live. About 12 million Mexicans cross the US borders. Many Americans fear that most of the jobs will be taken away because of the immigrants. The poor is no longer a problem for the poor but a problem to all of us (Kotler and

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