How Does Poverty Affect People All Over The World

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Poverty, the one thing that is effecting people all over the world, Poverty isn’t a lifestyle people want to live, but certain circumstances cause people to have to live this way. Poverty, isn’t going without for a couple hours or for a couple days, living in poverty is trying to figure out how those bills are going to get payed next month when you have been working everyday but still don’t get paid enough money to feed everyone you take care of . poverty is when you are always worried about where that next meal is going to come from ,or where you’re going to sleep that night because your landlord finally kicked you out.
People all over take the little things they have such as food, shelter, and electricity for granted. Those people take it for granted because they are used to having the things they need so they don’t know what it’s like to go without. Poverty is something that can happen to anyone, whether it’s because life got you down and decided to stay there, or because of the lack of pay by work. Something so little as how much a job pays can effect someone’s entire life and how they live , but as an adult it is up to that person to choose to better their life . Nobody wants to live in poverty but sometimes when life kicks you down, you
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People who tend to never have to go without tend to never worry about it ,but just as easy as you can come up , you can fall off and end up in the slumps just like any other person who was living right but fell off. The next time someone is struggling, or you start to take those things, like food, or having a place to sleep for granted, remember there are people all over who would feel lucky to sleep in a bed that is theirs. As well as coming home to a home cooked meal that you chose not to eat because it wasn’t what you asked for. Every day is a blessing, but it is also a blessed day when you wake up knowing you don’t have to

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