School Mission Statement Analysis

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important parts of the school. We will create an environment where we can learn together and support each other.

*The school mission statement is not completely aligned with the district mission statement. The school mission does not describe an environment that is safe, caring, or rigorous. The mission does not include community partnership. Members of the committee will refine the mission statement to include alignment with the district mission.

-Determine core values and beliefs- “X” Marks the spot activity
“Values and beliefs are an extremely important place to start the visioning process” (Bernhardt, 2002 p. 104). The principal led a values and beliefs activity that posed the question, “what do you believe about curriculum, instruction,
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The mission also includes partnership with the community.

-Create a Shared Vision for Bernard Terrace Individual members of the committee created a shared vision. Next, individual members partnered with another member and shared their ideas for the school vision. Next, groups of four were created. Each member of the group shared their thought and added on ideas for the vision. Finally, groups listed ideas on poster paper and presented ideas to other groups. Committee members reached an agreement on the school shared vision.

Existing school vision:
All students will leave Bernard Terrace with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become active and successful members of a dynamic learning
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Every student will leave Bernard Terrace feeling empowered and inspired to be life-long learners.

Current district vision:
All East Baton Rouge Parish School System students will graduate with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to become active and successful members of a dynamic learning community.

*The school vision is now a shared vision and reflects the personal vision of the entire staff.
Day 2
-Determine School Goals/
Goal Setting Activity “Goals are statements of the intended outcomes of the vision” (Bernhardt, 2002 p. 120). Committee members reviewed the vision for the school. Members were placed into small groups and were asked to brainstorm ideas around the ultimate outcome of the vision. Each small group placed ideas on a large poster board and presented ideas to the rest of the participants. Each group discussed why they felt the goal was appropriate for the school. Participants grouped like ideas and moved post-it notes around. Lastly, members reached a consensus by using the thumbs up, thumbs down method.

- Determine School

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